Worry: Absolutely Ridiculous

I Am about to share a very authentic experience.

I know I am not the only one because I have written about fear and negative emotions many times from different views and my readers comment on how they appreciate the insight. The reason I have written so much about fear and other negative emotions is because I continue to work my own way through those barriers to the unlimited power of God within me and share with you how I do that.

On to the purpose of this message: I am very much opposite authority when it is expressed in frivolous laws. This is a topic that is many books alone so just let me say that when it comes to things I am required to do because there is some law saying I must and that law doesn’t make sense to me,  I resist it.

For example I think having traffic lights at intersections is a great law. I think obeying that law has nothing to do with the law but everything to do with honoring order and the rights of all to live their intentions in freedom and peace.  After all, running an intersection when the other person is blocking the God in all of us can result in some interesting experiences.

Candidly I am on fire right now and it is late at night for me. So why is that?  I feel I know exactly why.

First: I spent more than 400 hours thinking about and worrying about a specific statutory (legal) situation

Second: Once I convinced myself I had only today to address that situation…I did,  but I still put it off until evening rather than addressing it first thing.  This is no surprise since I have ignored it for several years and now even with very compelling incentives I still ignored what I needed to do until the last minute.


My schedule has me traveling tomorrow and so I knew I had several hours left because of the mandate.  The alternative in resisting the current system was not a pretty picture.  I made a commitment that finely this  early evening I would dismiss all plans including my  plans to attend  an exciting networking event.

I am happy to report that I met my commitment. Note: I have made commitments to myself many times over the past 6 months and blew them off. This time I was at the end of the clock defined by others.  So even though I could not figure out why all my imaging and meditating did not make this go away, I finally focused on the task at hand.

Did God Ignore My Petitions?

Remember we create all of our experiences. Did my Source Energy create this?  Absolutely..the God within me responded to something consciously or unconsciously within me at some time or many times in my life and this situation was created.

My physical self was reacting to all the possible outcomes which were mostly negative.  And I knew that by addressing the matter I would be in a much better place. But of course I ignored all of my own advice and punished myself over philosophical principals.  The practical principal is get on with it and get it over with.

2.5 Hours

Start to finish 2.5 hours and with only a positive outcome. God is laughing since God knows that I was giving power to the external rather than the God within me. When I committed to God now is the time on the physical plane for me to have this experience God said….go for it. 2.5 hours to resolve something that I know I devoted more than 400 hours of worry to.  So how crazy is that?  Before you answer, share your crazy story with us in the comment section.

On Fire

OMG my focus and energy level is off the charts. That is the point of this story: all of what is possible we block. I have been moving forward nicely this year and not even close to what is possible.

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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