Resistance is our mind getting us in the way of the Unconditional Love within us that is all knowing, peace, bliss and the Source of all.

How can we know if we are resisting or not?

I have been enjoying listening to Bill Harris talk about resistance. Bill is the Founder of Centerpointe and was featured in the movie The Secret.  Bill says we can tell if we are in a resistance state by how we feel.  There may be a tightness in our stomach or a feeling of tension or other physiological feeling that we know is opposite of appreciation for all experiences even the ones we don’t prefer.  This is precisely why I know I was drawn to Bill’s program.

The  program is named Holysync.  I was led to this program by a lady who I met earlier this year when I was speaking at an event in Orange County, Ca which  is  about an hour from LA International airport.  She told me her amazing life story and attributed part of her progress to the Holysync program.

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Candidly there are a lot of programs, books, tapes and seminars.  My focus has been and continues to be to simplify the principles that are the foundation of all us manifesting our dreams and desires.  Simplification is the foundation goal of Manifest Mastermind. I was fascinated by her story but I did not feel compelled to act at that time.

While continuing to expand my own awareness and sharing that with the members of Manifest Mastermind, readers of my articles on this blog and messages sent to the people on the list who subscribe to the free course, 7 Steps To Manifesting Your Dreams, I realize that on any given day I am not feeling the way I would like to feel. I know the feelings of Oneness and Unconditional Love and I also know I have a huge opportunity to be in the state of Oneness much more than I am.  I just was not sure what else I could be doing.

So when I give the Universe a question that I would like help with, I always get an answer. You have read my guidance “pay attention to the messages you are intended to receive”!

About a month ago, I received an email. That is not unusual since I receive tons of emails since I have been on line a long time.  I don’t remember the subject line but it caught my attention and the message included a link to Centerpointe. I began reading what Bill Harris was sharing and I listened to the complimentary videos at the sight. I remembered my friend from California and I was drawn to Bill’s program.  I knew it was exactly what I was intended to begin using.

Bill’s primary advice to everyone starting this program is “just follow the directions” and stop analyzing if it is working or not. It is!  For me I have found the best thing for me to do is to set my alarm an hour earlier than I would normally get up. Then I know I will do the work. The work is to put on my headset and lay back down.  Tough job…right?  I could write a book about my experiences in three weeks with this so far. But since everyone is different I will just say that my goal is to release resistance and I feel I am making great progress.

I have had an interesting ride with this since starting the program.  I actually did not expect some of the physical reactions that I experienced.  I am not going to detail those because each person is different and what I experience will most likely not be what you experience.  I can say this: I have a much greater appreciation and awareness of my own resistance and I can tell program is helping me dissolve that.  I am now in my third week and I have every intention of continuing. Does this replace any of the other self development work that I do? Absolutely not….it enhances it.

Click on the link To Visit The Holysync site and learn more about Holysync.   I am an affiliate and I am compensated when someone makes a purchase from my recommendation. You can do the same just like you can become an Affiliate of Manifest Mastermind and be compensated when someone subscribes as a member from your recommendation.

Here is the link again Holysync. I recommend going to the site and reading all the information there. There is a lot and it is all free.

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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