Moving From A Mindset and Results We Don’t Like

There are times when I am in a state I don’t prefer.  I am not on my game, I am more focused on what is not done and I don’t feel like doing any of it.  There is not one thing yet alone more than one that I can point to as being a trigger that moves me into this state of mind and energy flow.

Studying this experience within myself I have discovered several very important lessons:

1. Turn more to the Divine and command the state of peace and unconditional love.  Once done, be patient as whatever is happening that you don’t prefer will pass.

2. Avoid going to a thought pattern  where you feel you are attracting more discord because you know from the Law of Attraction what you focus on expands.

3. The more I turn my attention to others, the better I feel.  Even though I may not feel like working with a client, when I do, I feel better.

4. Look at your work, non-work and sleep patterns. There may be an out of balance situation.

5. Refer often throughout the day to your favorite Guidance Processes, articles from this blog, notes from your Manifest Mastermind Treasure Chest, books and tapes.  I have several pages of notes that are the most powerful for me. I highly recommend you do this.

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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