Feeling The Brain Rewiring

In a previous message I wrote about Holysync and this is a brief update on my experience with that program.  I feel my brain being rewired and I am experiencing a range of emotions typically classified as very positive to negative.

In studying the science of Holysync, which is intended to take us to a state equivalent or greater of those succeeding with meditation, I feel I understand that my nervous system is being rewired in a way for me to be consistently in a state of connection with Divinity which of course is the Source of all that I create. So given what I intend to create and knowing long established thought and behavior patterns are likely holding me back, I took action as soon as I took the time to study Holysyn, developed by Bill Harris and  Centerpointe  .

I feel I attracted Holysync because of my focus on persistent mind chatter and my challenge with quieting that through attempts at meditation.  How am I doing?  I actually called Centerpointe a week or so ago and said that while I know I am not to have timeline expectations my goal of quieting my mind didn’t seem to be manifesting. I was experiencing an acceleration of brain activity. The lady I spoke with said “oh yeah, a lot of stuff is bubbling up…don’t be alarmed as that will pass”

Like anything we want to accomplish whether it be realigning our body with weight management and exercise or learning a new skill there are adjustments we experience. I am very grateful for this program and feel there is increased clarity, focus, calmness manifesting for me along with an acceleration of all I am intending to create for now.

Check it out for yourself. Bill will send you a free CD.  Click Here Now

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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