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If you want to experience improved, health
relationships and/or more money then you
must move past limiting beliefs. Now John
Assaraf is giving us great information on how
to do this.

I thought there was only going to be one webinar
and I am happy to share with you there will be
another series next week.

John had over 50,000 people live online for the
Inner Game Webinar last weekAnd they’re all RAVING
about the amazing training he delivered on how to
“reprogram” your subconscious mind and get this “money thing”
handled for good.

Here’s just a tiny sample of what people said about
the Webinar …


Jorge Santos, Portugal: I started to listen to John
Assaraf about 10 years ago, and now I gross over
1,000,000.00 ? every year and this year, 2010 should
gross nearly 2,000,000.00 ? what he says is true, just
try it if you got what it takes you will have success.

EloStone: Thank you John for your powerful

Mdelgadoimages: Strong, positive energy in
the presentation!

SkippyMelbourne: Seriously guys…this works! John
has given out awesome information

Lareiki: Blessings and Love! This was so amazing, I
am going to watch again!

The freaky thing is that even with so many people on
the webinar there were THOUSANDS more who
couldn’t make it . . .

So John’s decided to do a special ENCORE presentation
on Tuesday November 23rd at 6pm PST and 6pm EST.
Due to technical limitations, John can only have
A limited number of people on this special
encore . . . so you need to follow this link and reserve
your spot now . . .

Click Here For Free Registration to John’s Webinar

If you’ve seen “The Secret” (and I’d be shocked if you
haven’t) you already know what an amazing and inspiring
person John is . . .
You know how he transformed himself from a street kid
to a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, speaker and teacher . . .
And how he’s used his MASTERY of the Law Of Attraction
to help THOUSANDS of people around the world break past
their subconscious mental blocks and create amazing wealth,
prosperity and success in their lives.

Now John is using his over 20 years working with the Law
Of Attraction and his deep knowledge on the Neuroscience
of Success to discover the REAL REASON some people
seem to attract love, power, success and wealth so easily
while others continue to struggle and suffer.

On Thursday nights Webinar John pulled back the
curtain on over a year of research he’s done on how
the subconscious mind “decides” exactly how much
wealth and success you SHOULD have . . .
How you can easily get “stuck” at a level of success
WELL below your potential . . . And how to “reprogram”
the subconscious “software” of your mind so you suddenly
find yourself taking massive action and attracting the
wealth, success and power you’ve wanted so long

Grab your spot in the “Encore” presentation of this
astonishing training Webinar and you’ll learn . . .

* How your subconscious mind is like
SUPERCOMPUTER . . . how past experiences and
doubts “program” your mind for a lower level of wealth
and success than you want or deserve and how to replace
the “bad software” in your mind (that was “installed years
ago when you were a kid) so that you can finally reach the
heights of your potential.

* Why intelligence has NOTHING to do with how much
wealth and success you’ll attract into your life . . . why
being “too smart” can actually hold you back . . . and how
to “take the brakes off” your subconscious idea of wealth
so you can double or even TRIPLE your income this year.

* The “formula” your subconscious mind uses to decide
how much wealth you “should” have . . . how you got
“stuck” at a certain level of success far below your potential
and how to instantly “raise the bar” deep in your mind to
free you to finally attract the life you want.

* Why it’s not your fault if you haven’t attracted everything
you want into your life yet . . . and how to use a deeper
understanding of the human brain to cause yourself to
automatically take the simple wealth and success attracting
actions that make millionaires.

And much more.


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Sending you an Unconditional Love Hug,
Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

P.S- This may be your last chance to get this astonishing
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