Some may think the  start of the holiday season in the US is the trigger for the idea of chaos. Actually it is not.  Chaos can be  a complex subject and a challenge to fully appreciate it from a scientific point of view.

This is what I know about chaos…..the more chaos in our lives the more many of us find ways to deal with it. These ways can include less then positive actions like: drug use, alcohol dependency, depression and so on. These physical actions do not change the expansion of the world around us.  These mechanisms that provide some seemingly escape actually only creates a false sense of protection or separation.

Our physical system can actually handle a lot more than we think.  Thing is…it is how we look at it.  When we make situations and events part of our emotional system thinking  we can change them, that is where we are often doing harm to ourselves.

Events including what people say and do are going to happen regardless of how we feel about them. This does not diminish our ability to take action on those things we can change.  However most of our reactions are related to situations we really cannot do much about at any given moment.

Action Steps

1. If you can change it…by all means do so.

2. If you can’t leave it be

3. In either case you can be in a state of gratitude for all experiences and be in happiness.  It is your choice.

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Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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