Imaging and An Amazing Discovery From the 1930’s

The following quotes are from two separate periods of time. Charles Fillmore transitioned in 1948 and Catherine Ponder is currently a practicing Unity Minister in California.  At the time both these were written, the words man, his, he were accepted as universal terms.

“Imagination gives man the ability to project himself through time and space and rise above all limitations.” Charles Fillmore

“Man becomes what he images. Produce health, wealth and happiness with imaging and image what you want – what you really want. Just get busy  and quietly image it in great detail as you wish it to be and then declare …this or something better God, Thy Unlimited Good will be done.”   Catherine Ponder

I have studied imaging, practiced visualization and have written quite a few articles and more on this topic.  However, until beginning nearly a week ago I didn’t understand it as well as I do now. I have experienced a transformational awareness on this topic and life.

I discovered this wisdom in  a book written in the 30’s.   I have read this multiple times in the past week, and have rewritten it word for word.  Rewriting it gave me enormous clarity. I am keeping this right with me until it is absolutely part of me. It is that valuable.

What is this article and how can you get it?  Well normally something at this level is offered to people belonging to Manifest Mastermind after they have been members for quite some time.  This is because it is important to be ready for the significance of the messages we receive.  This time I am inspired to release it much earlier so I am and in a way so that nearly everyone can have a copy.

Our 30 day trial membership with full benefits is $1.00. Anyone who is a member of Manifest Mastermind for 21 days will receive a copy of this very special article titled “True Visualization”.  This article is so valuable I feel it is worth even much more than a lifetime membership which would be well into the thousands if I were to offer that option.  This is so important that  come January 2011, in celebration the two year anniversary of Manifest Mastermind, I will be doing several special video’s and teleconferences to further clarify  what members will now  receive.

One example from personal experience, just today there was an awesome event that I did not expect. It  fits perfectly with my vision of what I am manifesting.  This is no coincidence and is a direct result of my focusing on the wisdom of what I want to share with you.  I will be detailing  many examples of how my life and others continues to advance  in wonderful ways as a result of understanding and applying this guidance. For now I hope you take action to begin experiencing what is possible for you.

Why Don’t I Just Release This Report?

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Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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