Who Are You? Where Are You?

Five years ago, I was facilitating  for the first time a small group discussion over a period of about six months on topics related to The Law of Attraction.  I told the story of how when I go to the beach to run and walk that I observed my thoughts about 99% of the time were somewhere else.

Various resources have taught me “thoughts become things”, “you are what you think about” and “where your thoughts are, there you are”.

These lessons are very true for me and if you examine your life you will find they are true for you as well.

I am grateful for the lessons that have helped clarify truth for me. These lessons are there for me all the time and especially those times when I find myself getting caught up in some outer circumstance that my ego says is important.

The truth is outer events…actions, situations, what others do and say are part of our experience here.  However, they are not who we are unless we choose to allow our consciousness to give the outer the power as opposed to the unlimited potential we have from within.

For me what I focus my attention on with emotion comes about. My intention today and always is deflect all situations that can cause negative emotions within me. How am I doing that?   Today I am focusing on the idea “that is not important”.  Let me know if this idea works for you or if you have another gem in your Treasure Chest, please share.

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Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit
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