The Law of Attraction Speedometer

Let’s say you don’t buy into any of this…I mean the Law of  Attraction, The Secret, turning water into wine… all of it.  I honor you beliefs and you are completely free to follow your beliefs. I expect in return you honor my right to follow mine.  I do not judge you. In fact, I have Unconditional Love for you. I respect that you do not accept the foundation law of that energy.

OK so can we agree that we disagree?  In America, our country was founded on the right of all  to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”  The Declaration of Independence didn’t say only for Christians or Jews or any other label. It said for all.

As a nation we have moved away from those principles and allowed a few to instill rules, regulations and constraints never intended by the founding authors of our Constitution. Our founders had it right. How do I know they had it right by my definition? I feel it.

I feel the calmness of principles that align with my beliefs and I feel agitation with thoughts, words, actions that are out of sync with my beliefs. Therein lies the Speedometer I was referring to in the title of this message.

What I have come to understand is my feeling are the Speedometer of how rapidly I am creating what I intend to manifest.  I suggest to you…you who doubt or even discard the guidance on The Law of Attraction and the related principles including gratitude, forgiveness and more…to simply track your feelings.

Your feelings will tell you whether you are attracting your dreams or your nightmares. Your feelings will tell you whether you are attracting health or sickness. Your feelings will tell you whether you are attracting the people you are intended to associate with or the opposite.

Of course examine this for yourself.  This examination is worth your time. I know the outcome if you are honest about it. You will see your feelings and I am talking about the ones that are intense and are embedded at the cellular level, are the Speedometer of what you creating.

So when you understand this, then you will ask the question …”how do I change the way I feel?”

Stay tuned.

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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