On Money by Neale Donald Walsch

The daily messages from Neale Donald Walsh, one of my favorite authors, titled I Believe God Wants You To Know are very inspirational. I encourage you to join his mailing list which is free at http://nealedonaldwalsch.com Today’s message is sage advice regarding money. Enjoy

On this day of your life, Steve, I believe God wants you to know…

…that you need not be concerned about money. Be concerned, instead, about joy.

How much joy are you experiencing in this moment? How much joy are you bringing to this moment? The joy you experience will be the joy you bring. If you are waiting for joy to be brought to you, you do not understand what you are doing here. And if you think that joy has anything to do with money, you really do not understand what you are doing here.

There is a person waiting right now, right this very minute, for you to uplift them. Do that…and you will be rich.

Really. I mean, really. I’m not making this up.

Love, Your Friend….

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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