Enjoying All The World Has To Offer and Being In Harmony With God

Enjoying All The World Has To Offer and Being In Harmony With God

For me there is no question about the peace and happiness that results from being in harmony with the power of God within every part of me. When I am in harmony, I have more ideas, I am more productive, I know I am Deliberately Creating my dreams and desires. Like you I Am function in the physical plane…the one where God makes it very clear we are intended to enjoy all this world has to offer.

So listing all the outer distractions that take us away from a consciousness of being connected with our source is beyond the scope of this brief message. Plus my list is different than yours.  The key here is what do we do about them…the distractions?

Observe them, honor them, be grateful for them, enjoy them when they are not harmful to ourselves or others, be in the moment with them. Make time to create your future and then enjoy the now.

How do we do that?

How do we enjoy the moment? How do we bless all experiences?  We do that by making a commitment and then practicing  every day.

How do we practice?

The resources from the Free Course and this blog  help. Our membership program goes deeper.  You can develop your own resources of books and sites.  If you don’t prefer the Manifest Mastermind resources find ones you do prefer. Whatever works for you is what is important.

Maybe you have figured out that part of my practicing is my writing. When I write I share with you the lessons I am teaching myself.  When I write, I am focused, at peace and in harmony with God. I write a lot. Some of it I share with you and hope it helps.

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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