The Law of Attraction Clarified: See It, Feel It, Expect It, Enjoy!

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See It!

The Law of Attraction works when we are clear about what we are manifesting.  Do not keep the Universe guessing is the guidance. To See It we must be very clear about what “It” is.

Feel It

In addition to seeing what we are creating, attach emotion to it…Feel It means feel that which we are creating as if “It” is physically already here.

Expect It

Doubt and Fear block the energy of creating.  Once we are clear about what we are creating then we go about our lives with the Expecting “It” will show up. Going about our lives included taking the action we are guided to take.

Enjoy It

Clarifying See It,  Feel It, Expect It, the “It” means anything you are intending to manifest whether it be health, relationships, prosperity.  The “It” in Enjoy It means the journey….enjoy the journey.

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