“Dressed Head To Toe In Love”

“Dressed Head To Toe In Love” is the last line in the movie Sex and The City and the missing link for a very recent experience that I am now able to share with you.

About a year ago I noticed messages on the Facebook wall of a then recent friend. They were ….well special. After a few weeks I reached out to her and wrote that she was intended to reach a larger audience. She proceeded to tell me all the reasons why she was not going to do that. Well soon she is and more about that in the upcoming weeks. People who are really connected to their Beingness have few measurements of time. The expansion of her audience will happen when it happens….all I know is that it will happen.

With that background you may begin to appreciate my wondering how I can best tie this connection with her to a message that will begin to help you understand why I feel she is especially gifted in sharing wisdom. It is common for me to ask God for help when I have a message but I am not quite sure how to express it. That has been the case for the past three days. Then in an instant when I least expect it …there it is.

I knew there was a buzz about the movie Sex and The City and so I had Netflix deliver the DVD along with a couple more ..let’s say action movies. I gotta tell you I was ready to turn that movie off at least five different times, but I was curious about how the story lines would end up so I let it run. In the closing moment I heard it “Dressed Head To Toe In Love” and I knew that was the how I would describe the lady who you will learn more about in the coming months.

She is “Dressed Head To Toe In Love” and that is why she is in happiness and that is why she knows the outcome of most things she starts to do. That is why she has has not shut the door to my persistence that she is intended to reach a larger audience. When we are “Dressed Head To Toe In Love”, we are in absolute alignment with our Source, with God that is in every one of our cells. Beingness that is Unconditional Love. This alignment is the key to us Deliberately Creating our lives as we want them to be. When our energy is One with Unconditional Love there are no blockage to the Divine Source Energy within us.

I was not able to describe the woman I am referring to in this article until I heard the words “Dressed Head To Toe In Love” and then I knew. This is another example of the lesson I learned in Conversations With God in 2008 when I began studying that book. That lesson is is “Pay Attention To The Messages You Are Intended To Receive” I certainly always get an answer when I really ask. Sometimes I get direction when I am not asking. How cool is that?

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