The Key..

The Key to happiness and manifesting all that you desire…not my words but those of Jesus channeled. The message is here but first let me ask you a couple of questions:

Do you know what channeling means?

Are you skeptical of the Law of Attraction…The Law of Creation?

Do you know that whatever you believe is true …is absolutely true…..for you?

Is your belief system supported by all available information for you and most important of all what is the feeling in your solar plexas when you articulate your belief system?

Are you able to articulate your belief system?

Some time ago I published the site Unconditional Love Hug This was inspired by my study of The Field, Ho’Oponnopono, Quantum Physics, and a lot more. I arrived at the conclusion that the same energy source is the foundation for all. That being the case, then it was easy for me to express unconditional love for that which I am completely opposed. Honestly this is easy to write and requires my full attention and many times forgiving myself.  That is how Ho’oponopono comes into it. That is the ultimate forgive yourself guidance in my book.

This morning I was spending time further developing my awareness and practicing how I can further improve my focus on my inner power which is ALL Powerful.  The resource material I was studying is the same one I have been working with for about 6 months. Near the end of this book Jesus said The Key is Divine Love.

Now how cool is that?  Jesus agrees with me on this Unconditional Love message. 🙂 Now I am writing an entire Guidance Process on this message for the members of Manifest Mastermind. You can become a member for a $1.00  Click Here

Sending you an Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit
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