The Key Part 2 and The Buddha

The first message was from Jesus.  You either accept that or not.  Whatever you believe is true is absolutely true for you.

Today is Friday and I am at my physical  home.  My experiences have helped me focus on going deep regarding practical guidance for me that I can share with you. I watched the movie Buddha and discovered, nothing was written about him until 500 years after his death. Think about how people would have arrived at an accurate story.  I am not sure.

However, the story is a compelling one of his search for the answer. As told, he nearly died from deprivation in his search. Then he became still and he knew.  I felt the story offered great guidance on what we often make part of our lives that I feel we should dismiss.  Easy to understand, maybe more challenging for some to accept  and certainly for me requires focus and practice.

I look forward to your comments.

Top 10 List of What Should Be Dismissed

1. Denial is a ritual stemming from an idea .  We are here to enjoy opulence and abundance however you define them.  Dismiss Denial.

2. Be independent of the opinion of others. How you feel is of utmost importance and that results from what you focus on. Dismiss The Opinion of Others

3. The answer is within. Dismiss most of what you read, see and hear that purports to be the Truth…including this message unless your inner wisdom tells you otherwise.

4. Pain and suffering is not a prerequisite to enlightenment.  Dismiss guidance that says you must experience pain and suffering.

5. Happiness and joy is your birthright. Dismiss anything that suggests otherwise.

6. From birth we learn limitations. Dismiss limited beliefs.

7. Fear and judgement block our inner power which is Divine Love. Dismiss Fear and Judgement.

8. Selfishness is bliss. The best way we can help another is by hitting the mark ourselves in the areas of health, relationships and prosperity. Dismiss unselfishness as the meaning is intended here.

9. The Universe  is a mirror. What we send out we become. Dismiss all you don’t want coming back to you before you send it out.

10. The only moment we have is now and we can choose to be happy or not. Dismiss thoughts that incessantly take you into the past or the future…those are the source of pain, anger, fear and more.

Sending you an Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit
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