We  judge behavior that we don’t understand as crazy. Judging blocks the power of our true self as does the constant noise of our mind. For me allowing the mind to control myself is my judgement of crazy.

Every thought leader throughout history presents the guidance of going to the silence. Echart Tolle offers great advice in the small book “Practicing The Power of Now”  Two steps I really enjoy are:

1. Observe the thinker – begin just observing your thoughts or mind chatter.
2. Pay close attention to the simplest of movements…walking up stars, washing your hands. What do you observe, how is your breathing..being totally in the present.

Most do not prioritize practicing these steps because we have not fully understood and prioritized the why do this part. The why is in the power of allowing our true self to be. This is the power of the inner which is our Being.  Being is our Source of peace, happiness, manifesting our dreams.

Worth the focus and practice…agree?

Sending you an Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit
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