Imagine The Most Powerful Message Without Words

A milestone for me is understanding the most powerful message we offer is without words. You have experienced this many times and so have I. The communication of unconditional love and the opposite.  The influence we have on all is from the energy within and has nothing to do with words.

This video was sent to me by an extra special person who you will one day meet. Her messages are as powerful as anyone you have ever heard, read or met.  She knew I would understand this message was meant for a larger audience. I bring it to you. Some day soon she will bring to you direct. I am very grateful for our connection as I have expanded.

How cool is that when you can say …I have expanded my awareness as a result of our connection.  I say to you when  you feel expansion of awareness by what someone does, says, or not says…share that experience as I am now with you with this song.

Sending you an Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit
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