If This Is Too Far Out For You, Expand Your Awareness!

This is a very powerful message from Georgina Beament . Georgina is one of our Professional Life Coaches and is the creator of the Facebook Page 11:11Awakening Code I am very honored to republish this special birthday message.


My heart wishes to share with you all before I go away this weekend for my birthday, which is this Saturday, Happy Birthday Georgina, I love YOU

I am looking forward to celebrate with all the people I love. I will be celebrating so many things, especially the life I am living awake and aware of what is happening in my own mind in the NOW around the world.

I wish to share with you my inward thoughts…

We are the now and the future with love and how we are creating it with out beautiful minds… keep in that zone and try not to allow anything to move you away from how you feel or your truth of how you see things. The sleeping world is really at war outside our bubble of truth. Try not to focus on this and continue to focus on the vibration of LOVE. It is love that is changing everything through your vibration/energy.

This evening my mind is in between two worlds hearing/seeing two messages… one in the world that no-longer servers me, the other is what in unfolding for us all New Age, it is so here and we are feeling it more and more as each day unfolds.

I live in the UK near London, the energy here today is very intense due to the election that is happening here. People who are not aware (sleeping souls) are all over the place with their focus on the government who they think are guiding their lives. They so don’t get what is happening, but I trust they will all very soon. I just want to share with you all that what I see around me makes me want to keep more focused on you to share this message to you all…

This brings me to want speak out to all those are on this fan page. My voice wishes to share with you all to keep in your zone of who you are. The zone of your own truth, your zone of the awareness that is unfolding for you and others. You are all so deeply loved, but can I say out loud so deeply needed to help others who will coming your way. As each day passes by, more and more is happening around the world, and in the next few week’s things are really going to be exposed and I want to say to you all….


Keep in your vortex and know all that is happening around the world is just how it should be, the rest is an illusion to keep you trapped in fear! Remember we are so powerful, remember we are so deeply loved and protected in this fast moving exchange.

If this is new to you and you are aware and newly awakening to this awareness, then please ask to be shown people who will help you understand more. The exchange of information of what you wish to know to understand will be fast… within a hour or two you will know all that you need to shift to help yourself and others… this is how fast things are happening now… there really isn’t any more time wasted in our Soul Family that is coming together.

So keep centered and do all you can to keep the balance in the movement of this energy that is being sent out to surpress us. Remember OUR LOVE is so much more powerful and is changing the vibration around the world… We are making it happen in the NOW this very moment.

Embrace every moment and share with others awake or not… keep on sharing all that you know… your exchange will be effortless it really will be, people are ready to hear you so stand up and share your exchange as it will be perfect for each of you. Each exchange is a seed that will unfold for others ten fold. You are here to help them remember that is all that is needed.

This fan page is growing with the energy that you are all creating, so continue to share with others as this one fan page is really creating a wave of change which is being felt around the world with LOVE!

I love you all deeply for all that you bring to us… and I am so very peaceful inwardly knowing that you all know what is happening without any words.

From my heart to your heart keep shining your light and sharing your love with all.

I see and feel your vibration knowing all is well and continue to trust know all is perfect just as it is.

I love you

Oneness is here… keep working on love it is changing our world


Sending you an Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit
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