Let’s Talk About Love

On the physical plane you may be able to relate to the experience of meeting a person and in an instant they are all you can think about. You may be in the middle of the most intense professional or personal situation and find yourself just immersed in the idea of just looking into the eyes of this person, just holding this person, just experiencing their life.

I have been blessed to have that experience and hope you have been as well. Having said that I add the guidance from Conversations With God…fall in love as many time as you want, if it is a long term relationship you have in mind, you are well served if you give it some thought. Very fascinating guidance that I will address in more depth in later articles. For now I ask that you use your experience of falling in love, being in love and relating it to a picture energized by our higher power …Unconditional Love.

Understand this …I know there is an absolute distinction between acknowledging the passion associated with falling in love and being in love on the physical plane and Unconditional Love that recognizes Divine Source Energy In All.

Sending you anĀ Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit
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