New Version: We Are The World..To Help Haiti

About a month ago I received an email from Lynn Pierce. I attracted this message as I had been thinking about how I could help the people of Haiti. Lynn’s message introduced me to a program that helps the children with a wonderful nutrition program. I felt really good about helping in this way.

I also felt really good about the the following video that was released this past week. Nearly a hundred artists came together to lend support to the situation in Haiti. There are many ways you can help. I choose the Nourish The Children program that Lynn brought to my attention. Lynn wrote : “Each bag of Vita-Meal you donate feeds a child for 30 days, nutritionally balanced food. Overhead is taken care of, distribution is taken care of, so your donation is bags of food that are going directly to Haiti. ” 

Click Here For The Direct Donation Page

The information page is

If you have questions about this program please Click Here To Email Lynn

Please note: you will be asked to set up an account to donate as that is the way the system works. This is for donation purposes only and there is no continuity billing or any other obligations in connection with your donation. I know because I did it and I recommend you give Nourish The Children your consideration.

The video here is awesome and offers you another option to help.

Sending you  an Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit
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