Manifest Mastermind Launches A Major Expansion

The first Guidance Process received by all members is an in-depth document on clearly defining your dreams and desires.  This may or may not surprise you, but most people do not have a clear idea of what they want.  The foundation of The Law of Attraction is to be in alignment with what you want to manifest. Well if you don’t  define it, see it and feel it as being there, you are very likely to be living in a world of what seems like random events.

In the fall of 2008, I began to further clarify in-deptj work that I began in the Spring  of 2005.  That clarification was the design of the membership model that is now Manifest Mastermind.  An anchor piece of that business model was to formalize and share in a logical sequential manner content (written material)  that was helping me a great deal. Written Guidance Processes were launched January 7, 2009 and remain the foundation of the Manifest Mastermind Program for Members.

I also felt that to increase the awareness of what was possible for any individual, there should be multiple ways for a person to learn.  Educators realize that people learn best in a multiple of ways.  Some enjoy reading and writing (me).  Others are more auditory and image oriented.  There are people who with great with self study and others excel with more interaction.  I know additional resources will  help more people accelerate the manifestation of their dreams and to reach a much larger base of people.  These resources have been part of the original Manifest Mastermind Strategic Plan.

I have never lost sight of the original scope for the products and services to be offered. I didn’t know how they would be developed since capital is required to build a team and systems to paint the picture I had imaged.  That capital was not appearing in the traditional sense. It showed up in another way and is a perfect example of one of the main lessons I have written about: “Pay Attention To The Messages You Are Intended To Receive.”

The message for me showed up one Saturday morning when I was helping at an event.  I noticed people walking around wearing  “I Am” buttons. I found their table and said “Hi I Am Manifest Mastermind”  A lady said “you need to meet Russell” and the rest is history.

From that meeting I learned a lot about Russell Brumfield and along the way he has become a wonderful friend.  Russell had been developing a business with a very similar mission as Manifest Mastermind.  Russell brings to the table his experience in creating events, courses with a “multi-sensory experience”  in support of shifting the focus of your attention and energy on that which you want to manifest.  In summary Russell already had in place all of the additional features and benefits that I had in mind to develop for Manifest Mastermind.  I mean “how cool is that?”.

The Same and Different

The global mission of  Wizard University is very similar to Manifest Mastermind.…guidance on the achievement of your dreams and desires. However, these are complementary programs.  In the near future I will detail the benefits of being in both programs including the economic value.  Note: you can be a member of Manifest Mastermind without participating at all in Wizard University events and programs. The reverse is true… can participate in the events and programs of your choice offered by Wizard University without being a member of Manifest Mastermind. More on the combined benefits soon.

I have direct positive experiences with each of the following offered by Wizard University:

I AM Power,
Power Circles
Bubble Planet
Million Dollar Mind Shift
Self Discovery Workshop.

Take Action Now

The events are worth every minute of your time and the I AM Power program is worth many times the investment.  Review the details for these and more at Wizard University.

1. Explore Wizard University Click Here Now.

2. Become an affiliate of  Wizard University... There is no charge   Click Here to Start. Don’t miss the amazing instant download audio from Russell that is offered just for signing up.

Here is an immediate benefit: This month the Million Dollar Mind Shift Intensive workshop is being offered in two locations. Refer people to attend and you are paid $15. Please understand the $595 tuition is being waived as part of the initial rollout  of the program. So you are paid $15 to refer people to a free event. Is Russell nuts?  No, he views the referral fee as an economical marketing model. So become an affiliate and begin marketing and earn your $15 dollar referral bonus.  There is a lot more. This is just a start.

Sending you  an Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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Do you know what you want in life?  Do you have a clear definition of the state of healthy you want, the relationships that are important to you and the lifestyle you want to live?  Manifest Mastermind Guidance Process 1 helps you become very clear about what you want and why what you want is important to you.   Click Here to get started.

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