Events Like The Haiti Earthquake Offer An Opportunity For Expanded Consciousness

When an event occurs like the earthquake that struck Haiti, it is common to hear questions like “Why did God do this?”  or “What are the people there doing to attract such an event?”  Is God punishing Haiti? Personally I have reflected a great deal on this earthquake and other situations as or more severely opposite of what we judge to be wonderful. If you want to research guidance on this topic, I recommend Book 1 Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch

Before addressing  these and similar questions, I want to clearly say, my Unconditional Love goes out to all and especially people anywhere who are experiencing particularly difficult situations. Following this message, I am republishing an email I received from Jeff Johnson on how to find organizations mobilizing to help the people of Haiti. Jeff is a very experienced internet marketer who has an excellent reputation as an ethical professional.

Did God strike Haiti? No!  Did the people of Haiti attract the earthquake?  Not consciously. Did the people of the world attract the earthquake? Not consciously. Did God create earthquakes ?  God created the Law of Resistance and gave us free will. Resistance is essential for expansion and our use of free will creates all of our experiences.  We use our free will to decide on how we respond to anything. Is God punishing Haiti? No, God is Unconditional Love.

Resistance results in the earth acting the way it does. We have a choice in how we react to events we label disasters and, in fact all outer experiences. We use our free will to create our individual experiences or react.   Society reacts to an earthquake, to a bombing, or some other concentrated use of energy in a way that destroys something we are used having in out life  including people.  Society accepts many situations that are even more destructive on a collective scale.

Why did an earthquake  strike Haiti?  Beyond a scientific explanation of how earthquakes occur, the forces of individual and collective consciousness in our lifetime and throughout the course of history seem to be beyond our intended level of understanding at this point in time. Rather that spending priceless thought energy on why, we are better served by accepting what is as actually part of the perfect order of how things work on the physical plane and then take action to help as best we can.

People coming together to help Haiti is natural. Compassion is part of us. In the US, three presidents, two of whom have disaster recovery experience came together and stood as one demonstrating collective leadership to bring relief to people suffering.  Charitable organizations have sprung into action. Less than honorable organizations have also been activated. In that regard here is the email from Jeff on one source for finding an organization you may feel comfortable donating resources to help.

Sending you and all an Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit
Manifest Mastermind

From Jeff Johnson to Steve Pohlit

The recent earthquake in Haiti has caused a level of devastation
that I hope most us will never have to suffer through in our

I knew I wanted to help but I didn’t know which charity, or
charities, would put my donation to the best use.

Fortunately I found a report on CNN news that recommended a
site that actually helps you make your choice.

The site is called “Charity Navigator” and it provides an overview
of a dozen or so charities that are currently active in the Haitian
relief efforts.

In their own words:

” Here are a few of our 3 and 4-star charities responding to the
crisis along with a synopsis of their plans. Each of these
charities has a history of working on massive disasters and/or of
working in Haiti”

So if you’d like to help those in need in Haiti but don’t know
where to turn for more “unbiased” information…

Check out Charity Navigator for Haitian Relief Programs:

Jeff  Johnson

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