I Am Especially Thankful For The Knowing

I am blessed to be connected to an expanding number of wonderful people. I am grateful for the loving messages I receive in response to my work that I share on this blog, on Facebook, and  with Manifest Mastermind members.  For all this and more I am grateful and set aside additional time this Thanksgiving to send my gratitude to God, The Universe and all.

I send the energy of peace, happiness, vibrant health , prosperity to you and  all with the wish that you enjoy a very special,  safe and harmonious Thanksgiving.

Now I  share with you what I am most grateful and thankful for above all else.

I am elated with the awareness of the God power in me and in all. I am elated knowing that for anything I have created in my world that is not what I prefer, I am able to withdraw the power from that through the Law of Forgiveness. I am elated that I can create my dreams by forgiving myself , releasing what is created that is out of alignment with my dreams and focusing on the good I am creating now.

Knowing this and knowing there are no limits, knowing  it is all up to me,  is how  my awareness has expanded. For that knowing I am eternally thankful

Happy Thanksgiving
Steve Pohlit

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