Manifest Mastermind Launches Featured Professionals Program: Life Coaching Beyond Your Imagination

This is all about you.  I know from personal experience there is nothing that compares with a life coaching session when the guide is in alignment with your core values and beliefs.  I am pleased to present to  you some of the best life coaches in the Universe. I also know this group will be expanding.  I am manifesting an expansive picture of resources for Manifest Mastermind members and friends. The Featured Professionals/Life Coaching Group is sending the energy of attraction.  This will further fuel the Manifest Mastermind program.

The Uniqueness of The Manifest Mastermind Featured Professionals/Life Coaching Program

Did you ever walk into a place and discover amazing music coming from an artist…. a person or group that is not known beyond a small group of followers?  When that has happened to me I look and  think….why is this artist not know nationally or internationally.

Well there can be many reasons and often those reasons have nothing to do with the talent of the artist.  In fact it is not unusual to find local or regional talent that exceeds the “name brands.”

The idea of using professional life coaches as part of the Manifest Mastermind program has been part of the business strategy from the outset over a year ago. As the year progressed, I attracted through intention a wonderful group of people. The common thread is the depth of their belief system and demonstrated experience helping others.  Their expansive expertise includes channeling,  hypnotherapy,  astrology, EFT, and much more.

How To Proceed

Click Here and visit the page with summary information.

In most cases there is a detailed web site for you to review.

The more you are able to describe the area you would most like help with the better that will help the Life Coach to help you.

During your introductory call you will be able  to decide if the person you selected is best for you. During this call you will receive the recommendation from the Life Coach as to how to proceed, number of sessions and cost.  NOTE: Manifest Mastermind Members receive special pricing so be sure to let your Coach know if you are a member.  Not a member? Click Here to Join Now

Questons? You are welcome to email me.

Sending you the energy of peace, happiness, prosperity with an Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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