Awareness, Beingness, Expansion

Once you become aware of your unlimited potential then then the next step is the belief in your unlimited potential. This is  followed by faith or no doubt in your unlimited potential.  Knowing is not the same as being what you know. Faith is in the knowing that you are your pure potentiality.

How Do you Move from the State of Knowing To Being?


Most of us benefit from the daily process of focusing on manifesting…focusing on connecting with our Source …the Source of all that is. Manifest Mastermind which was launched  January 7,  2009. My original idea was to deliver Guidance Processes every two or three weeks.

In my own life I continue to devote daily time and attention to expanding my awareness and beingness. I increasingly know that I am intended to stop that study and be that which I am studying.  At that point my awareness shifts to beingness. So my personal goal is beingness and I feel the same  is true for you.

To move to beingness (being vibrant health, happiness,  prosperity, peace …being in the zone) I believe requires daily attention to yourself.  I am far from alone.  Here is what a man who I admire greatly wrote very recently:

“Because being in such a state of despair finally caused me to
discover self-development and personal growth.   Since I had
nothing else to do, I spent time every morning working on me.

I began with 15 minutes a day, and when I saw what that did for me,
I went to 30 minutes.  There was no routine, sometimes I read,
others listened to CDs, other days meditated.  But every single day
I worked on me.

And that was really the one thing that has made the most difference
over the years…”  Randy Gage

Manifest Mastermind Expansion

Part 1

Within the next 10 days members will notice changes to the Guidance Processes and supporting resources.  Each Guidance Process will be further clarified in terms of what should be done each day with the material.  We will be moving toward a more frequent  support communication system. Some days it will be daily. This is being carefully crafted to consider the balance between the volume of content and time limits most people experience.

Read Randy’s message above again.  His story is amazing.  Connect with him at

Part 2

I have previously announced idea of  the Manifest Mastermind Featured Professionals Program.  There have been a number of  events that have influenced the original release date.  We are now  ready. The Featured Professionals page should be completed by November 15th.  Featured Professionals are life coaches with their own practice and specialties focused on help others manifest their dreams.

A key part of setting up this program was spending time with each of the featured professionals. You will be able to listen to parts of our discussions. Personally the clarity of understanding and expansion can only be described as remarkable.  Wherever you are on your life’s journey, connecting with one or more of these marvelous people will be well worth your time.

Phase 3

The tools and resources to support manifesting your dreams and desires are expanding in a major way.  I should be able to share the details before the end of November.   However, the deal is done so all that remains are a few details. I will say if you are a member of Manifest Mastermind when this is announced you will say WOW.

Phase 4 We Are Always Expanding

There are exciting new features and  benefits on the vision board for 2010.   You will be the first to know when they are ready to be launched.

Sending you the energy of peace, happiness, prosperity with an Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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