You Are The Reason

The title “You Are The Reason”  is  the title of one of my  favorite songs.  There are two artists I enjoy singing this song> one is Celine Dion and the other is Tom Jones. I have included both below for your enjoyment.

The real reason for the title is you.  You are the reason for everything in your life. Whatever your state in life is right now, you are the reason.

Imagine a meter that is labeled “my life is marvelous”  It is a scale from one to ten with ten being  the highest score. For reference purposes  the person and or lifestyle you admire most is at the level of 10. Imagine that and give yourself a a score.

Almost everyone has a gap. The gap awareness is very important because our goal is to close the gap.

That’s it!

Close the gap!

Can We?

Can we close the gap?  Well here is the real answer: No  We are always expanding so we can never close the gap?  ( Deep stuff ? Just warming us up actually! )

To The Point

Enjoy The Journey: Enjoy and honor everything you are experiencing now.

Enjoy The Expansion: Relish all opportunities you are creating to move forward. Those opportunities can be:

winning the lottery, losing your home,

getting a job you want, saying goodbye to a loved one

finding your soul mate, losing your pet that has been with you for more than a decade

Do you see? It is all life.

I listened to a speaker say if you are in a situation where you have lost your job, your home, maybe more, The Universe could be saying it is time to move along a new direction.  Every speaker at this event except one said they were doing well now and each one shared devastating situations they had experienced. One speaker told of a financial crisis currently being experienced and we were shocked considering this person’s career and popularity with the public.

Deliberate Creation

I bring your attention to the title again “You Are The Reason”.  This is very important. Whatever you are experiencing now is a result of what you have been focused on in the past that is now manifesting.  This is tough love but for myself it was a major awakening to realize I am responsible for everything in my life and whatever I don’t prefer or whatever I am dreaming of manifesting on this physical plane is up to me to Deliberately Create.

This is an important belief system and mindset. Personally I spend time each day with tools and resources that help me deepen my awareness of my own Deliberate Creation Power.  Those tools have been the material I share in the Manifest Mastermind Course available to everyone at no charge and the resources available to members. The tools I am using are expanding.  More on that very soon.

Sending you the energy of peace, happiness, prosperity with an Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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