Wayne Dyer said Mother Theresa’s  presence would change the consciousness of a village. The bible gives us clear messages that Jesus changed the consciousness of those in His presence.  Thousands of years later, the consciousness of many is influenced by Jesus. There are  many other examples.

Divine Source Energy is in all and that Power is pure and without limits.  The same Energy at the Source of Jesus and Mother Theresa is at the  Source of you, me and all.  So what is the key to being in alignment with and demonstrating this Energy?

Thought is the key. When I examine my thoughts at any given time and particularly  during a period such as an hour or a day, I realize that I have a huge opportunity to advance my being to be in alignment with my knowing.

If God took on a physical presence and walked into my space right now I would be very attentive. I would express deep love and devotion. Yet that is exactly what is happening to you and to me at this instant.  The Divine is within us and all around us yet it seems to me that most of us  really only express deep devotion and love for brief moments in time for That Which Is Pure Love.

I have written about Unconditional Love and developed the image of an Unconditional Love Hug . This  a reminder for myself to focus on the Divine Source Energy in all.  When I do,  I send unconditional love to that Energy.  I realize  there was quite a bit of emotion flowing when that idea surfaced. Since then,  it has becomes more of an electronic greeting card vs. a deep sense of love and devotion for the Energy of God in all.

I feel that unless we are honoring and expressing deep love and devotion in return for the purest love God has for us, we are out of alignment.  This  is the vibrational match that Abraham Hicks talks about in The Votex and other books preceding that on the Law of Attraction.  When we have the physical connection through thought with the Pure Love of God and invoke this Energy to manifest our dreams in a manner that demonstrates appreciation, then there is only one possible outcome.  I believe this is the guidance for Deliberate Creation.

I know God is Love in its purist form and that Love is expressed for me individually at all times no matter what I do.  This Love is Unconditional.  I am focused more today on returning the gratitude for that Love and demonstrating my devotion and love in return for the Love I receive.

Sending you an Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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