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Very recently I was volunteering at an event where my dear friend Temple Hayes was a keynote speaker. One of the companies sponsoring the event was I Am Power.  The name certainly caught my attention and I was introduced to the founder Russell Brumfield.

We spoke of The Law of Attraction, Manifest Mastermind and I Am Power.  It is no coincidence that I have been going deeper into my research of I Am and then meet Russell.  We agreed to spend more time talking about our respective businesses.

Since then I have spent approximately 15 hours with Russell by phone and at his business as we explore ideas on how to help people expand their awareness and potential for manifesting their dreams and desires.  Russell is a very enlightened and giving person. He also is a great example of not having any advantages at all but using his  talent to create several very successful venture. I Am Power is the most recent venture he has decided to launch.

I have written about money and attracting money. Members of Manifest Mastermind receive several very focused Guidance Processes on this topic. I created the popular Facebook Group: Money and The Law of Attraction.  Russell has developed a lot of content on the topic of financial prosperity.  He has now combined his expertise in the event business with his expanded enlightenment on money and is offering a 25 hour weekend intensive on prosperity.

Russell has named this The Million Dollar Mind Shift.  There are a ton of reasons why you should consider joining me, Russell and hundreds of others at this event.  To make it easy, you are my guest and the ticket is free.

Russell explains this better than anyone. When you register use code B65.  Here is the link to more information including a brief video by Russell and the registration link.  Click Here For Information on The Million Dollar Mindshift

Please email me when you register for this event so we can introduce each other.

Just In:

As I was writing this I received an email with more details for this event.  They are included here for your convenience.

Million Dollar Mind Shift Intensive

October 23 – 25
Sirata Beach Resort,
5300 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach, FL 33706

Click Here To Register With Code B65

At this transformational 2 1/2 day event, you’ll learn how to:
– Identify the obstacles that have prevented your success in the past
– Become aware of your attitudes and emotions about money
– Take responsibility for your financial circumstances
– Focus on new opportunities while others are focused are fears and worries
– Create long lasting financial freedom through passive income
– Learn to think and act like successful people – and make the money you deserve

Day One (Friday, 7pm-10pm) – An Evening of Perception and Insight
You’ll learn how your lifelong Money Script has been the foundation of your financial experience. You’ll learn how past experiences established your thoughts, feelings and emotions about money, and how they manifested the obstacles in your life. You’ll gain a knowledge of how the five senses play a crucial role in your belief systems.

Day Two (Saturday 9am-10pm) – Winning Transformation
During this high-impact encounter of unveiling falsely imprinted belief systems and emotional imprints, you’ll learn to decipher your story and how to use Mind Master strategies to re-write your script. You’ll be immersed in the laws of manifestation and learn to increase your awareness of synchronicity and the power of decision-making through intuition. You’ll experience a 4-hour off-premise Power Trip event that will teach you the power of group intention.

Day Three (Sunday, 9am-6pm) – Embrace Your Destiny
You’ll learn to use NLP and self-hypnosis techniques, behavior modification, Mind Master exercises, energy balance, and the power of music to enhance your manifestation capabilities. Prepare to totally re-write your inner script and make a commitment to your success!

At the Million Dollar Mind Shift intensive, your Money Script will be re-written through a high-impact, transformation process that you could never do alone…and we’ll make sure it’s re-written before the weekend is over! You’ll walk away feeling refreshed, renewed, and rejuvenated with a new outlook on your future and your ability to achieve your dreams.

Sending you an Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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