Deliberate Creation:The Role of Imaging, Vision Boards, Mind Movies and The Incremental Law of Imaging

“You can solve your problems in your dreams”. I believe I first heard that from Randy Gage. I suggest thinking about it a little differently. First when you look at your current circumstances, it is likely there are a few things you would prefer to be different. The number one question I receive all the time from people starts with: “I want” or “I need” ……….then they give me the details and ask me how do I use the Law of Attraction to get those things.

Since they are not coaching clients, I point them in the direction the resources I use myself , the groups I created on Facebook which are Deliberate Creation and  Money and The Law of Attraction, plus this blog and I softly, well maybe not softly sometime, suggest they pay closer attention to the guidance.  A fundamental part of Universal Law  is everything that is created is all energy manifest and that this energy is always there. Deliberate Creation occurs when we move that energy into a physical form first with thought and then with action.

Since deliberate creation begins with thought, thought is intended  to be very clearly directed. I have written this before that we should not keep the Universe guessing as to what we mean. One way of being very clear as to what we intend to create is the use of visualization tools. These tools help us benefit from the Imaging Law of Prosperity that is detailed more fully in the book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder.

The tools most commonly discussed are vision boards, visualization in our mind during a quite time, preparing our own mind movies or finding videos on YouTube that match up with that we are intending to create.

I have been thinking about visualization guidance a lot lately and I am going to share with you what I feel is maybe the reason the visualization technique does not always seem to work as well as we might like.

Effective visualization starts with the definition of dreams and desires.  In summary we have to be clear and what we are clear about needs to be in alignment with our core values and beliefs. Otherwise our energy doesn’t line up.

Now there is another part to this process that I feel is very important and it is a part that most people do not talk about. That is what I am now calling The Incremental Law of Imaging.  In a nutshell when you have a an image of something you want that is very different from what you have now, it is going to be helpful, I believe, to think in terms of imaging steps. For example, let’s say your dream home is a very specific style and a very particular type of area and that dream home with all the furnishings cost $3 million dollars. You currently are renting an apartment and paying $900 a month. I think you see where I am headed here.

I am certainly not suggesting you change your image of your ideal home…not at  all. However, you may want to bridge the gap by becoming a home owner now even if that home is much smaller. What I am suggesting is to strengthen your belief system of being able to Deliberately Create by celebrating what you are creating now.

Sending you an Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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