What Is Your Story?

You know a person like this. Maybe they are in your family. Maybe they are your friend or co-worker.  Maybe it is the person you meet when you look in the mirror. This person as soon as they have the opportunity, they are telling you all that has been going on their life that they don’t like.

If it is about health , they are able to give you a medical diagnosis and details of the medicines, particularly the prescription medications they are taking and why. If it is a financial issue, you will hear again about their job or their former job and the money challenges they are experiencing. Maybe they are having difficulties with their spouse. Well if they have going on about health and/or money then would not be surprising to hear about a relationship issue or multiple relationship issues.

If you run into this person more than once in a period of a month or even six months and you give them the chance, you are probably able to tell them what they are wanting to tell you because the story is largely the same.

“The Experiences In Our Lives Are Not What Is Happening To Us But A
Result of The Vibrations We Have Been Sending Out” Abraham

So what do you think is going happen if you walk around telling everyone about health, financial, relationship situations that you don’t prefer that most people call problems?

Now you may think that what is being suggested is that you rewrite your movie script and talk about that. Well yes and no. What you want to deliberately create should be  the movie script that is playing within you now.  Is it ?  When you have given this some thought and your dreams and desires are important to you then you will have rewritten your movie script.  Once you are doing this (notice I didn’t  write have done this)  then you may be thinking  you should reinforce that story by that being all that you talk about.  Think again.  Your manifestation movie script is yours. It is created by your God consciousness and not by your sense consciousness or by anyone else telling you what it ought to be.

Deliberate Creation of anything results from focused attention. The energy of your movie script should largely be held within you. Declaring your intentions to the world dissipates this energy. There may be certain people who play  a role in your movie script that need to be let in on their part. However, avoid what seems to be the common tendency to dissipate this energy by flapping your jaws to anyone who appears to listen.

So what movie is playing for you today? Create it scene by scene. If events develop differently than intended, so be it. Write and create the next scene.

Sending you an “Unconditional Love Hug” and

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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