The Power of Love

What is really amazing is how we can recall every second and the relive the emotion from any event we  chosen to be memorable. Most of us choose not to make every second of our life experience memorable. We are generally thinking about the past or future. We are rarely in the now.

I believe we don’t remember because we are not paying attention to the wonders of the now. Events like a plane crashing into the World Trade Center eight years ago today are ones we remember because in the instant of being aware of such a disaster we are totally focused on the now. Most other life  experiences are taken  for granted so they are not memorable for us.

I  remember exactly what I was doing when I first viewed the screen showing the first plane to hit twin towers and then the second, and the aftermath including scenes from the Pentagon and Somerset, Pa.  I am able in an instant to recreate the emotional response experienced that day.

History has shown we  remember but we often ignore the lessons. We have advanced to where we really have the solutions to most situations. We still create economic and political turmoil. Individually and collectively we ignore the right of each other to live our own intentions in freedom and peace. It is impossible for anyone honoring the right of all to live their intentions in freedom and peace to be involved in abuse of any kind to another, to an animal, to our planet. It is impossible for any one person or group to organize an attack on another. All of these things and more continue to occur.

History has also shown greed, maneuvers to control another or entire countries do not work long term. Yet in 2009 we have relinquished many liberties in the US and all over the  the world people are in fear of aggressive behavior by another. We know the destruction and the uselessness of war. We still have war and the threat of even greater ones. Any abhorrent action or threat of one can be linked to a view that is opposite of the right of another to live their intentions in freedom and peace.

How do we as a race get to the place of love for another regardless of our views?  This question has been on the plate since the beginning of recorded history. Actually the answer is well known and has been since the beginning of time as well.  Collectively we apparently ignore it.  Regardless of religion, sex, nationality regardless of what we may see, hear or even read from others including this article, we know inside we are all One. That does not mean on the physical plane we look, act or think the same. It means our Source is the same.

Ages ago, before quantum physics began to confirm this, people already knew we were all connected. People knew there was a higher power and this energy was within all. This is evident when we read the Greek scholars, the Bible and more. The awareness of Oneness is growing but far from pervasive. So what can we expect in our world today considering that as a race we have consistently fought or positioned for control using laws, tariffs, taxes, bureaucratic process and schemes over another or even nations?

Yesterday I was reading a section of one of my favorite books The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder. She related a story of a woman who learned of another saying very derogatory and hateful things about her. A friend advised her to take action to minimize any further damage to the woman’s reputation.  She sat down and began writing over and over “Divine Love is doing its perfect work in this situation now, and all is well.”  Within a few days the woman received a gift and a note from her verbal attacker expressing love and appreciation for her.

Catherine continues with this very powerful reminder that radiating divine love is especially helpful concerning the little things that can be quite irritating for it is the little things that mold our day and it is our day that molds the world.  I was not thinking of her guidance when I started sharing the idea of an Unconditional Love Hug. It is my belief  love energy is the answer. It  is my belief love energy is more powerful that any opposite intentions.

Does this mean that all who share this view should just sit around  singing Kumbaya and chanting ohm?  Time going to the silence and sending out the energy of love is time well spent I believe.  Having said that, we should continue  to act on practical steps to protect the rights of all to live in freedom and peace.

I learned that in the eight years following 9-11 there was focused intent on agencies of the US government sharing information about  people and groups possible intending to do harm. Now I am sure there was well meaning purposeful action when important information surfaced. I don’t think it was just luck that we have not been attacked again in the last eight years.

I also read where certain of those polices that seem to have been effective in strengthening national and international security are being changed by the new political administration in the US.  So why would we do that?  Do we think there are no longer groups who feel totally opposite the values of America? Is this another situation where we are ignoring the lessons of the past?  Could be!

I stand for the right of all to live their intentions in freedom and peace and if that means your intentions are completely opposite of mine I respect and love you. However that also means I expect the same from you. I don’t intend to control you and I defend my right to not be controlled by you.

Is that a paradox? If there are no controlling laws can I just do anything I want?  I don’t need controlling laws since I have no desire to do anything to harm another. Are traffic lights controlling laws?  Traffic lights help with order in an advancing society as do speed laws. They are consistent with my honoring the right of all to live in freedom and peace.  I honor those rules because I have no intention of being the cause of an action that hurts another.   However there is a huge difference for me in having traffic lights and all the laws and taxes intended to control my behavior and my life. The operative phrase here is my life.  Just as it is for you.

Are you beginning to see what is possible with love energy for ourselves expanding unconditionally to others?  It starts with love and appreciation for ourselves. We  then demonstrate this energy  by our thoughts, words and actions that are in alignment with the right of all life to live their intentions in freedom and peace. Is this the solution for love, peace and respect worldwide? I believe it is.

Recently in a teleconference with holistic life coach Roni Lipstein that will be made public soon, Roni reminded us we are either coming from a state of love or fear. To be in a state where we have eliminated fear with love means we have transformed our view of our individual self to one of appreciation and love. It all really does start with one and expands rapidly.

On this day 9-11-09 I honor all whose right to life was violated. I honor all who helped bring some level of comfort to those who were most hurt. I honor all those who following this incident and other outrageous violations of life work to protect our freedom. It is my strongest desire and intention to continue to improve the love for all that I Am and  send powerful energy that we remember the lessons we learned from past events and stop making the same obvious mistakes.

Sending you an “Unconditional Love Hug” and

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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