A real time experience:  After being engrossed in a number of projects I thought, OK I will have a sip of scotch and turn up my playlist on YouTube ..which rocks by the way. So I go to YouTube and there it is: a message for me.

Honestly I sat down to relax with some music and there it was .. this song.  It is not the song but what I felt listening to the song. I have written and talked about paying attention to the messages you receive and this is an example for me.

Normally I would not click on a suggested song by YouTube named  Oh Holy Night in the early part of fall. But I did. I felt it and here is what I experienced:

We listen to certain music like this at a particular time of the year.  Those rituals bring us to the emotional time and space of a holiday which can bring with an entire ocean of emotions.

This song is done with imagery that is traditional in some parts of the world. Think of common traditions for celebrating birthdays. In the US it is often a cake, candles and there are many variations of the celebration theme. Oh Holy Night is a celebration. This is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Let’s go deeper. The birth of Christ is celebrated for many reasons. The birth of Christ is also not acknowledged in certain cultures.  My faith is non- denominational.  I now look at the birth and to the life of Christ as to what is possible.  In my faith, we think of Jesus as a Way Shower,  He showed us what is possible. and affirmed that He wanted us to know that whatever he has done we can do more.

I am most familiar with Jesus. That is who I grew up with. There are others. Jesus is the guy behind the idea of Christmas. With that I share with you the energy that every day and every night is special. That is what I felt when I listened to this song Oh Holy Night on a day which was not even close to Christmas. In an instant I felt an entire new meaning of the song.

So now you have a real time experience of what happens when I pay attention to the messages. I am going back to YouTube and will be watching and listening now to some great music.  For you …here is the song that caught my attention. Pay attention you never know when something pops that is meant just for you.

Sending you and all an Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit, Founder
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