Labor Blocks Money

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  Confucius

In the US, there is a holiday named Labor Day. It is set aside to honor all who spend a portion of their life working to serve others. They are rewarded for their time and contribution. A recent report stated 57% of those working do not like what they do. They are not satisfied. It is likely then they continue doing what they do for money so they are able to pay their bills and buy things they feel they want.

Did you know another study reported the country with the highest overall level of satisfaction and contentment is Kenya. Kenya is also one of the least economically prosperous countries in the world.  The United States was not even in the top 50%. These numbers are pointed out not to judge or not to conclude anything other they seem to support the statement  happiness is not linked to money.  I also want to point out that this is not intended to deter anyone from pursuing large sums of money. Whatever the picture looks like where you are in alignment with Source, that is what is important. In fact that is the only thing that matters.

Dissatisfaction is valuable as it helps us clarify what we do want. However, many times we don’t go deep and connect with our true self that is in alignment with Source Energy.  If we don’t, then the dissatisfaction remains even though we may have changed our job or a relationship. When dissatisfaction persists, we continue to attract more situations that fuel even more dissatisfaction. Then on top of that,  dissatisfaction is the major contributing  factor to health issues.  So you know this is the Law of Attraction working perfectly.

If you have been following the articles here and tracking the information received in the free course 7 Steps To Manifesting Your Dreams you know that negative emotions block our alignment with our Self .  So if you are laboring, meaning what you do for income is not in alignment with Self then you are pushing against or resisting that which God has intended for you.  And what has God intended for you? Whatever it is you want!

The Universe is abundant. What you receive does not take away what another can receive.  Each of us has an open pathway to this abundance. We have the opportunity through how we feel and think to tap into this unlimited reservoir or block it with dissatisfaction, resentment, anger, fear and so on.

Does this suggest that you should instantly stop what you are doing or cease the relationships you have?  Until you are in alignment with Source, making a change is likely to attract the same or similar dissatisfaction again.  Become  in alignment  with your expanded self.   Interestingly enough, often when we get to that point, much and possibly all that bothered us before has dissipated.

Does today’s message help or confuse you?  Please leave your comments and let’s “kick this around”.

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