Know What You Are Creating

I feel it is important to evaluate what you read and accept as making sense and true. So let’s just say you are not very certain about the Law of Attraction. In arriving at my own conclusion, I went to my past experiences and focused on those situations where I could clearly see a direct connect between what I had intended and the outcome.

For example, I decided there were certain very specific professional business situations I wanted to experience and I did. I was very clear about my intentions and could feel those manifesting.  Now I can also see the time buffer or the difference in when I sent these strong messages to the Universe and when they happened.

Examine your own experiences and I am sure you can see examples of what you have created by purposeful intent. This may help you if you have doubts about the Law of Attraction.

The foundation point of The Law of Attraction is in knowing that how you feel tells you what you are creating.  I received this reminder quote  on feelings from the Abraham Hicks group on Facebook .

“You are continually offering a message, or pure meaning, to the Universe. Not through your words, not through your thoughts, but through the way you feel.

Of course, the way you feel in any moment is as a result of your choice of thought or word.

But it is the way that you feel that is your true message to the Universe, and it is the way that you feel that is your point of magnetic attraction. And that which is like unto itself is drawn.”

– Abraham-Hicks –

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