Avoid Comparisons

When we compare ourselves to another we are saying that which is outside of ourselves  is our guide. Actually our emotional guidance system is what we are advised to pay attention to.

In their latest book The Vortex, Esther and Jerry Hicks presents strong guidance on following our feelings. This is not really new. However, there are new examples and I find additional clarity on this point. For me, when I really think about it, I do know if something or someone I am involved with is good or maybe not. I feel you know as well.

The importance of this in relation to Deliberate Creation is when we are in a state of following our emotional guidance system and particularly in a state of being where we are at peace with who we are, what we are doing and who we are associating with, then Abraham, through Esther, says we are in alignment with Source. It is in that place where we are then creating our dreams on the physical plane.

So if our feelings are not good, then we change what we are doing or change how we are thinking until we are in a place of feeling good. This is a continual adjustment process. I like to think of pilots who fly planes. Manually and with computers, all data is being evaluated and adjustments to speed, height and more are constantly being made.

Focus on how you feel. The important word here is you. It is not about how someone else is doing. You really have no control over that. You have control over how you feel and as Neale Donald Walsch writes: “we are intended to be happily ever after”

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