Appreciating Resistance

What is resistance?  Generally everyone knows. What we may not think about is that resistance is a personal experience. Everyone is unique with our own definition of purpose, dreams and desires.  Consequently our feelings of  resistance are different. However with a few examples there is basis for agreement on the idea of resistance.

Resistance includes events, situations, people or experiences that are opposite of  what we prefer. The following are a few examples:

A disagreement with a partner, child, co-worker.

You plan your day and an event totally turns it around. An accident, something breaks in your home,  technology you rely on is disrupted, the car won’t start…..

Money flow is opposite of your intention.

You feel forced into going someplace or doing something you don’t want to do.

You plan on feeling great for an event and you get sick.

We  instantly know there is resistance with a situation because we feel it. This feeling is intended an opportunity for us to use our personal power for deliberate creation.  The feeling we experience is an opportunity for expansion when we are able to view all situations with appreciation.

One of the first prosperity principles I became aware of is gratitude.  In every resource book I have ever read or researched, gratitude receives a lot of attention. The second Manifest Mastermind Guidance process that all members receive is devoted to gratitude.

In my experience, those who are aware of the importance of being in gratitude or appreciation, often look outside of themselves. For example, I am grateful for the day, food, the people I connect with, conveniences I have a tendency to take for granted. Those are great ways to become in alignment with gratitude.  The big opportunity is appreciation of self.  Abraham through Ester Hicks says the lack of appreciation of self holds most people outside their intended state of being able to Deliberately Create what they want more than any other thoughts put together.  Repeat: more than any other thoughts put together.

How does this guidance relate to resistance?  Resistance is a critical part of the expansion process we experience. Nothing stays the same ever and our opportunity is to understand and embrace the changes by knowing they represent expansion. How we process change determines whether we are in alignment with our expanded self or the energy of Source, God energy or not.

When we experience the feelings associated with an resistance situation we have a choice. Our choice is to fuel those feelings or say, I am now moving to a place of feeling better than that. We move to a place of feeling better by acknowledging the resisting event, seeing what we are intended to learn from it and moving on to creating something that feels better. We look at ourselves and appreciate our ability to do that. We make the decisions that result in us feeling good about what we do and who we are regardless of what anyone else does, says or thinks about it.  Love yourself first.

If you are driving down the highway and your car stops because you ran out of gas, you feel the resistance of that event. As you take action to get more gas for your car which now takes a considerably longer period of time than if you had stopped at a fueling station when the gas guage indicated you were getting low, you make a commitment to pay attention in the future as you don’t want that experience again.  You appreciate yourself for the lesson. You don’t fuel the feelings from the experience because when you talk about it, write about it or continue to think about it you are not in the place of feeling good and when you are not in the place of feeling good you are not creating what is possible for you.

So now you know situations that result in feeling not good are intended opportunities for expansion. You also know it is you who are responsible for moving toward what you intend to create or stay in a place of anger, resentment, blaming everyone and their dog for your state or not.  When you appreciate the expansion process that included situations that result in feelings of resistance, then you know you are able to move to a better feeling place and continue deliberately creating what you want.

Does today’s message help or confuse you?  Please leave your comments and let’s “kick this around”.

Sending you an “Unconditional Love Hug” and

Steve Pohlit, Founder
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