The Energy of Social Media

There are hundreds of millions of people on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Anytime we experience a large number of people coming to one place we also experience what I refer to a representation of the composition of society. This mean there are people from a multitude of backgrounds and interests. There are people with divergent points of view.

I view this divergence as wonderful since no matter what an individual’s interest and passions are, they can find others with similar views. Social media sites makes that easier. Look at this group. You are in this group because you are attracted to the theme Money and The Law of Attraction and I keep the content of the messages to you within the scope of that theme as detailed by Esther and Jerry Hicks in the book by the same name.

I love social media sites. Social media has helped me meet many wonderful people I would otherwise probably have not met. A number of them have become personal friends. I also use social media to attract people who have an interest in what I have to say and what I offer when I am doing business. You too can tap into the power of social media to attract prosperity and I encourage you to do that or do that more if you are already using social media for business.

On line or off, I always suggest you focus on the principles of attracting money as detailed in the book. We attract money when others feel what we offer or what we do has value. We create the value exchange when we are in alignment with what we do. There appears to be exceptions but there are none. The Law of Attraction works perfectly all the time. We attract what we are energetically in alignment with.  The mission of Manifest Mastermind is to be a guide on allowing our expanded self to be. Our expanded self is in absolute alignment with our dreams and desires.

As you move forward intent on attracting prosperity, focus on what you are really in alignment with. If you want to begin or further develop your interests  then read this article and look at the resources I use. Click Here

Sending you an Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit
Manifest Mastermind

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