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Have you ever thought about the Greek Philosophers? To be honest I never gave them much thought until recently while reflecting on what we now know from quantum physics.  Science has shown the field responds to our observations.  This is a level of support for the wisdom of Deliberate Creation.  Simply stated we create what we focus on. Focus is currently thought to mean vibrational alignment and free of blockages.

Let’s go back to the Greeks. There is evidence of great wisdom  in the period 500-700 BC. A number of philosophers taught about higher power and at least one taught about an atom being at the source of all. Can you imagine the wisdom of knowing about atoms even considering we now know they are not at the source.

For me that says this period is when there was a record being made of what was being thought and taught.It looks to me like there is evidence of our human race going back to at least 3500 BC.  Regardless, the point is I believe wisdom was clearly evident before there was any record of  it. Why do I believe that? Because wisdom is within and it didn’t just start showing up in the bible or in the New Thought Movement in the 18th century.

The relevance of this for me is that when I think about the resources that have influenced me, I think about the resources that influenced the resources. I look for what makes complete sense to me consistently and the guidance that is in alignment with my Source Energy.  For example, I grew up with the guidance of a more traditional religion. At some point I concluded a lot of what I was taught made no sense.  I felt that it made no sense but I didn’t have anything to point to that did until many years later. Well actually I did have a lot to in front of me to guide me but I did not develop that into a coherent knowing until much later.

Here is one thing that  seems pretty evident: on the physical plane  we appear and leave at some point. Some stay a very short while and others stay much longer as measured in comparative human terms.  None of us know how long that time line is.  However, we know the physical energy we have is limited.

So this brings me to sharing a guidance that is one of my favorites.  Having said that, I will say to you just by having a favorite does not mean I have perfected living it.  Actually, I have not but I am better at it today than I was yesterday and I hope you feel the same way.

This guidance comes from one of my favorite resources Catherine Ponder and her book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity:  Catherine writes:

“Your body and mind are blessed with energy. That energy in the physical realm ends with death. Use every moment in a positive and constructive way. Why would you ever use energy dwelling on something that has already happened or on what you define as life difficulties when you can focus on the images of God’s gifts which are your divine right and are coming to you because you live the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity”

An affirmation from her ” I desire the highest and best in my life and now draw the highest and best in me”

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