Preparing Your Energy State for Manifesting Your Dreams

Tony Robbins uses the word state to describe our mental, emotional, physical levels of vibration.  He has great examples of working with professional sports players and in every case the results demonstrate the importance of mindset.  In essence the result intended by the golfer, tennis player or other athlete is created in the mind.  Notice the word result. The athlete sees their body doing what it already knows how to do in perfect harmony to deliver the intended outcome.

Maybe you have observed, like I have, professional sports players performing a ritual in advance of playing a game. They are preparing their state in advance. Of  course, many other people do as well. In business, I have prepared in advance to speaking to large numbers of people. I do the same when I appear on a radio show or even when recording a relatively simple YouTube video. I prepare my state each day using the tools  members of Manifest Mastermind receive.

Questions naturally arise as to how is this working?  Well to be honest it is working perfectly all the time. The key is perfect by whose definition – The Universe or my personal definition?  Recently I expressed some less than positive feelings to  a life coach and he said to me “whose time line are you on Steve?”  Thing is I know this but I was not in a state of  being what I know.

I study the behavior people who subscribe to the 7 Steps to Manifesting Your Dreams free course and Manifest Mastermind Members. I study the behavior  of professional coaches who I have come to know and others. I observe consistent patterns of people who manifest successes and others who are not focused or simply on the sidelines.

I watched a 40 minute video of very successful people who teach and sell courses express their frustration with knowing that all people have to do is follow the course.  They know that but see most who purchase the materials do not follow the steps.  I realized that video showed up at the perfect time for me because I have been asking myself the same questions.

In summary with the answers right in front of us most most will move on to another program, follow  the latest book, seminar or coach. Many will  do nothing, or feel just because they purchased a resource that the purchase alone will transform their life.  Those who transform their life see it in their mind, have no doubt about it and follow a daily ritual of keeping them mostly in the state of manifesting their dreams.  They do this while honoring it is God’s time line. That is the transformation formula and the ritual of creating the mindset means a commitment. That assumes of course you want your life to change. If you do then find the daily ritual of bring yourself to the state of creation within yourself. Find a program or coach that helps you with your ritual.

Manifest Mastermind’s  mission is to help you manifest your dreams and desires as defined by you.

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Steve Pohlit, Founder
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