Allow The Feeling Within

Many mornings I take time to focus on what I intend to allow myself to experience that day. Our self consciousness is  joy. Our  true self understands and appreciates our  physical experiences.  The joy of self is not dependent on physical experiences. Self is always joy.  So what gets in the way of joy is our physical self and you may like the reference to ego or object focused happiness.

Our opportunity is to get out of the way of ourselves and just allow our beingness.  For me this does not just happen although it could. I think it does not just happen for me because I did not know for a long time about self consciousness.  I was aware of ego focused outcome but not Self Consciousness based beingness.

So I do my Treasure Chest work most mornings, which is a specific method for me to focus on allowing the day ahead and my life ahead to be joyous.  The Manifest Mastermind Treasure Chest process is one of the first things members learn. Honestly I don’t do this every day. Some days I allow the day to get in the way. For me that is a mistake.  For me the process works.  I know it but 20% of the time I ignore it.  I am committed to reducing that percentage to zero.

The Treasure Chest is certainly not the only way but I have found writing and journaling is a very powerful transformational tool. I write a lot because I am focused on expanding myself a lot and that is one way I do that.  Today, and I mean right now, take the time and focus on that which are intending to create.  Then ask yourself what are you committed to experiencing. Now how are you going to do that?

I conclude with how I opened. All you want to experience is within.  Create all the experiences that you desire. Allow yourself to experience the joy within.  Joy is always there  no matter what physical experiences may be showing up right now in advance of new ones you intend to create.

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Steve Pohlit, Founder
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