Working and Being on Purpose

Do you know people  who just love what they do?  Hopefully you are one of them.  If not, this article may help you.

The work environment and the amount of money a person earns has nothing to do with a person being on purpose or not. People on purpose can be found in some of the most challenging work environments as well as in those most attractive. People on purpose can be making huge amounts of money or very little.

A person on purpose experiences  a balance in the value they receive in exchange for the value they give.  The value I am referring to extends beyond money. Examples:

  • A mom who is at peace with raising her children whether she is employed or not.
  • People in service jobs, firefighters, police, military, and more who are totally on purpose serving and yet don’t make huge sums of money.
  • I am sure you have encountered exceptional  people in customer service, sales representatives, people at the check out counter, clerical workers in stores and more.
  • There are wonderful peaceful people who work in banks, for the IRS, government, attorneys and well you get the picture.

Think about the people you come in contact with and no matter who they encounter, they seem to have a peaceful, loving  aura about them.  You feel it and you feel better because of your connection with them. Like anyone else these people have challenging life situations. We all do at times.  However, they seem to be able to remain  in alignment with their responsibilities and see a bigger picture of their contribution.  The work responsibilities and the contribution they are making are in alignment with who they are and they know it. They seem to have the answer to the question “how best may I server?”

So does this mean that if you woke up this morning and didn’t feel like doing the job you have chosen that you are not on purpose?  Could be, but then again it could be you ate or drank something the night before that affected your sleep or you received news that was disturbing. or any one or more of a million other influences that can move us off balance.

How do you know you are on purpose ?  You know because your internal guidance system is telling you. Notice I didn’t say your spouse, your parents, your minister, your children, your friends, co-workers or anyone else outside of yourself. The answer is within. The Bible, Conversations With God and many other resources tell us the answers are within.  “The Kingdom of God is within..”

What if the answer to your question about being on purpose from within is no and you don’t know what it is that gives you a “yes I am on purpose answer”?  Now this is the part where everyone is looking for the one magic sentence that is the answer. I will not disappoint you. I have written this before.:

You  know your purpose when you have a clear understanding of how you want to feel and what experiences contribute to those feelings.

For me personally it took a long time for me to realize I was not on purpose. Interestingly enough, this did not mean the skills I developed in business or my personal development mission was a waste. Not at all. What this meant for me was a greater awareness of what was possible by being one with God and the Universe. What it also meant was a greater understanding that many times it is easier to write and speak the words than be that which I know.

Recently a lady joined our community. She is a mom and has one son. She is a remarkable woman that you will see me referencing more frequently in the near future. For now I mention enjoying reading about her journey with her son and how as an enlightened woman, she brings this awareness to her child.

Most people I know didn’t have that guidance and didn’t know how to tap into the wisdom within.  In fact, the guidance I received I ultimately concluded was not the path for me. My inner guidance systems was telling me I was in conflict.

What you read about on this blog and experience if you participate in any of the features of Manifest Mastermind reflect my path. It is a journey that I am consistently focused on enjoying. It is journey that includes me consistently reminding myself with resource materials, my connection with our featured professionals, my connection in the community of that which I intend to feel. Reminding myself it is my spirit not my ego I am one with.  This requires a commitment I believe.  To be on purpose you must be committed to the goal of being on purpose.

If you are following this blog, using our Free Course or are a member of Manifest Mastermind, you already know about commitment, persistence and consistency of focus.  You are receiving ideas on to define how you want to feel and why you want what you want.

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