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For a very short period of time you can receive all the material and benefits in less than four days  that would take at least a month to receive when you join the Manifest Mastermind  30 day trial membership for $1.00.   Click Here To Get Started

To take advantage of this accelerated process you must act fast. This opportunity disappears as soon as the Manifest Mastermind system of email communication and sequential delivery of our Guidance Processes designed to accelerate the manifestation of your dreams and desires is upgraded.

The following message was sent by email to all members of Manifest Mastermind this morning and offers more explanation regarding the much needed upgrade:


This is a very valuable message for you with important information and links.

You are in one or more of the following groups:

1. Current subscriber to the Manifest Mastermind membership program
2. Former subscriber to the Manifest Mastermind membership program
3. An active or former featured professional
4. An invited guest to the Manifest Mastermind Private Community

I appreciate each and every one of you and all. That is especially true when I face the most energetic opposite

of what I stand for and my value system. Those that challenge us the most are our greatest teachers.

My focus for what is possible for anyone who connects with Manifest Mastermind.  I have known  I can be

doing a better job of communicating with you and clarifying the resources available to help you. This is the

start of that process. You will see a major positive improvement starting right now.

I have created multiple ways for you to feel the intended energy of Manifest Mastermind

1. Manifest Mastermind Free Course which everyone receives when they register at This is the same introductory page is seen by anyone coming to Manifest

Mastermind through your affiliate link. More on that in another email.

2. Manifest Mastermind Membership Program which offers many  resources to support

your goal of manifesting your dreams and desires. The membership program is presented at This presentation is currently being updated.

3. Our Private Community  – this is the Law of Attraction “Meet Up”  This is 24×7 networking for

manifesting dreams on steroids. I  share with you in a moment  a major secret  about the

community that you will enjoy and appreciate. Everyone who becomes a member is invited to

join our community and there is no additional fees.

4. The Manifest Mastermind Blog at Since the start of this blog I have

posted 86 articles most of them are ones I authored and others are from a number of our Private

Community Featured Members. The first article was published 2-5-2007 This means there is new content

published on average three times per week. I encourage you to follow the blog.

Current Status of Certain Features and Benefits:

There are very important features and benefits for you that are not working. The message and content

delivery system for subscribers is not working properly today. It has in the past but it was intentionally broken last week

by a person who had access to the system.

I am fixing all of of this and I am directly accountable to you for getting this working as intended which

means even better than before.

There will be a couple of things I ask you to do, not much but still a few things. There will be just a few steps

so look for my next email that will be sent in the next 24 hours.

I follow the principle of value exchange. I want to make sure you have received all and more that you

subscribed for.

Today and for the next three days I will be sending you by email the links to the the first four Guidance

Processes that are available in the first 30 days of membership.  So watch your email for my updates for

these links. (This is intended to work automatically but as mentioned it is is not right now.)

The first Guidance Process can be found at: (link emailed to all subscribers) You will

need to copy and paste this into your browser. Remember over the next three days you will receive links

for the Guidance Processes 2, 3 and 4. Members who have been with Manifest Mastermind for more than

one month will receive information later this week on accessing all content that has been published.

Normally it would take 5 months or 150 days of membership to receive all that is available now. However

in order to fix the system I am making all material available to anyone who has been a member for at least

60 days.


Big Secret: I briefly mentioned this in a blog article a couple of weeks ago and want to bring it to your

attention now: Our community is Private and you must be a member or receive a special invite to access

the community. However once in, (only 2 exceptions), I have never deleted anyone from the community

even when their membership was canceled. So if you are a former subscriber, you are welcome to come

into the community at any time. If you never entered the community. Please email

with Private Community in the subject line and request an invite. She will help you most likely the same

day. (You must be on this special email list to receive this invite.)

Manifest Mastermind Support:

If you need assistance I now have a very dedicated and qualified lady leading member support. Her name

is Jean Levi and she is a blessing. You can connect with her in the Community. She started like many with

our free course, then became a member, then manifested a number of success then she wanted to work

with Manifest Mastermind. Candidly our support has not been what you deserve. This has been fixed with

the help of Jean. Again her email is

Email Communication

When Manifest Mastermind was launched I was using the automated system of Aweber Communications.

In February Manifest Mastermind was transferred to a new membership software program which is

Nanacast. By the way I think Josh Anderson who owns Nanacast is an outstanding person and I

give him and his company my highest endorsement.

In that transition, the automated email system offered by Get Response was used. That is not one that I

pay for and recently I was blocked from that and a lot of other resources I had built.  If

you want to read what happened to me you will find the story at

In short I am picking up from that situation and moving forward and I know you will see and feel the

difference going forward. I am also confident you will see and experience and acceleration of people

manifesting their dreams as Divine Source Energy is free flowing as intended.

Remember there will be three more emails from me and this email address this week and then we will be

converted fully to the automated system provided by Aweber.

I am grateful for you,

Manifest Mastermind’s  mission is to help you manifest your dreams and desires as defined by you.

Start with our FREE Course “7 Steps To Manifesting Your Dreams”  Click Here

Sending you an “Unconditional Love Hug”

May God Bless All In Abundant Ways That You Never Could Even Imagine,

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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One More Thing

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