Is Gratitude The Key That Unlocks Abundance

Gus Reigenkugel is a new Facebook friend and a Taoist. I became more familiar with the the beliefs of Taoists when I studied Wayne Dyers book “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life” Gus sent me this video at the perfect time.

This video came into my awareness this morning. A few hours later my entire state was focused on being grateful for emergency teams helping some people who I know very well and my daughter knows know even better, her mom and her grandparents. This was a very serious situation with specially trained people having to cut away the vehicle to carefully get to my daughter’s mom and they did and life flighted her to to the hospital. My daughters grandparents were taken to another hospital. Let’s just say it was not an afternoon I would want to repeat anytime soon especially feeling the fear in my daughter. At this time, nobody is in critical condition.

Throughout this I kept asking God for guidance in my communications with my daughter. When someone is taken by helicopter from an accident scene and you have know idea if they are still on the physical plane, it tests all of your physical faculties. I am grateful, very grateful for all who helped today and who help every day in situations I am not aware of.

Now as I practiced allowing the situation to be as intended and focused on gratitude for all who were helping, I assure you my heart rate was not in at meditative rate, I assure you I felt deeply the feeling my daughter was expressing for her mom. I felt deeply the emotions the brothers and sisters of her mom, the extended family of her grandparents were feeling. They were all gathered today near Pittsburgh, Pa. for a family reunion and to celebrate my daughter’s grandmother and her twin sister’s 80th birthday. The accident happened on the way to the celebration church service.

I have been going deep within to send energy of healing, peace, calmness and acceptance. Yet tonight I feel the physical effects of the emotional events of the day. Physical effects from thought since clearly my physical self was not in a wreck or attacked. The emotional impact was softened I believe by focusing on being grateful.

Being grateful most of the time involves appreciating the everyday experiences. When we do we raise our vibrational energy state and we are in alignment with God. That is our opportunity no matter what we experience on the physical plane. When we are in alignment with our pure potentiality, we achieve all of our abundant dreams. Abundance is used in the Universal context of abundant peace, happiness, prosperity in all areas of our lives.

Enjoy this video. Thank you Gus.

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