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This is a summary of what I have been  experiencing  starting  Wednesday July 08, 2009 at about 6:10 AM:

First Let’ s Pause And Clean:

I Am Sorry
Please Forgive Me
Thank You
I Love You

That is the 4 Graces of Ho’oponopono  …allow yourself to be open and clear when reviewing this message. This message is about releasing, forgiveness, and moving forward while not ignoring discernment and the call to action.

If you are not familiar with ho’oponopono cleaning,  there is more information  at the end of this message.

Brian Campbell congratulations , you  are a genius. The actions you completed in a couple hours before I awoke at about 5:30 AM on July 8 , 2009 are amazing. Very few minds,  could do what you have accomplished in a very short period of time. However, to all who are reading this ..God, Divine Source Energy, is so above what anyone considers to be genius on the physical plane. I am very grateful for God within who has provided me great comfort and guidance through this experience and continues to be my strength. The energy of God is in all.

I  just discovered more violations and thank you Brian Campbell because I had been asking God about how best should I guide others based on my experience with this situation. Now I know. I kept asking God should I write this or not. The answer was mostly clear.  Now it is perfectly clear  as evidenced by the fact I am writing this.  So thank you Brian Campbell.  What I discovered on Facebook once my account was restored  was the message for me to proceed with this.

This is actually a brief snapshot of  my experience resulting from what  Brian Campbell chose to do because he was angry.  There is a brief comment on what probably triggered this anger at the close.  Regardless of any emotion we may experience, there is no justification for violating another person’s right to live in freedom and peace.

Network Hacked –

Free Course List :

Manifest Mastermind uses Aweber, a more than 10 year old company specializing in list management.  As of July 8, 2009 there were approximately 10,000 opt in subscribers to this list.  There was also another list related to social media marketing with over 5,000 people on this list.

I personally developed over 40 articles and video being delivered to the 10,000 subscribers of Manifest Mastermind sequentially. This list was developed primarliy from my social media marketing intiatives.

Brian had access to the Aweber account and in several clicks unsubscribed 10,000 plus subscribers. This can and will be restored but the disruption to the communication and growth of Manifest Mastermind is massive. Just imagine a targeted list of 10,000 people would mean to you. I build this list with the exception of some mutual intiatives at the start of Manifest Mastermind. I think there were about 800 people in the list when MM was launched.

Regardless, to purposely harm an asset is just wrong.


  • My personal Facebook account was hacked and I was suspended. I am not sure what triggered the suspension but Facebook’s systems detected behavior that prevented a major meltdown of my account. Thank you Facebook Team ..I Love You For Taking My Account Down
  • Facebook Groups: Brian Campbell hacked my personal account on Facebook then went in and deleted me as admin from the groups I created. Major groups include: Manifest Mastermind, YouTube Mastery (my first Facebook Group) , Ho’oponopono, Manifest Mastermind Related Groups, Build Business Profits and more The total reach of these groups exceeded 8000 and I communicated with most of these people at least several times per week.
  • Dear Friends Blocked maybe Forever (thank you Brian Campbell for not blocking me and my daughter on Facebook) Friends include the featured professionals in my Manifest Mastermind private community and the admin who works for Manifest Mastermind. Some of these people had their own groups and since I am blocked from them I am blocked from their groups.
  • Two Fan Pages Steve Pohlit  and Manifest Mastermind erased ..over 1500 fans. I actively built these over the last 60 days.

Twitter Network

  • Steve Pohlit – over 30,000 followers – suspended   not restored as of this writing
  • Manifest Mastermind – over 31,000 followers confiscated and moved to another account where I have no access.. not restored as of this writing

Steve Pohlit’s Personal Gmail Account:

  • Hacked
  • All history erased, personal conversations with my daughter, friends ,  all the personal life stuff over the past five years gone.
  • All business records stored in folders for business clients (yes some of this was backed up elsewhere but not the conversations) These are priceless archives for the business work I do which is business consulting.
  • All shared docs many of which were businesses – gone.
  • There were more than 350,000 email records wiped out. Yes you read that correctly. I actually purchased extra storage space from Google twice.

Manifest Mastermind

  • Brian Campbell sent an email  to all members of Manifest Mastermind attempting to discredit me and the substance of this program.  After saying he was  part of Manifest Mastermind for more than 10 months, Brian Campbell  now says he has been out of alignment with all that has been done…pure genius!
  • Brian Campbell went  into the security records of the Manifest Mastermind Membership site software and changed the records to make it appear he owned the software license and then locked me out. This was software being paid for with my credit card.
  • When he changed the records of what I had paid for to indicate that it was his (similar to taking a car and forging the owner’s records to make it look like you own it) he didn’t stop. He went in and changed the membership pricing for the Manifest Mastermind to $0 thinking it would be a long while before I noticed there was no revenue from new subscribers. Just for your information, most people define this as theft.

Brian Campbell I say this to you:

You erased personal records and those between me and  my daughter who means the world to me.  You erased conversations with my daughter that I saved in my main email account for five years. . Can you feel the energy I have about that? Feel it Brian!

You violated my personal space and erased a lot of what I have archived for personal and business reasons.  Brian Campbell can you feel that energy?

You have stolen and destroyed a lot of what I have built on line over the past 18 months. You have erased the time invested in building that. Brian Campbell can you feel the energy.

To Brian Campbell and all as of this writing  I have release what has been done and I am focused on moving forward.   Writing  is a major part of my own release and growth process.

What you have done Brian is  crossed a major line. There is  difference between being angry off and doing something some consider using bad judgment and doing things society defines as illegal.  I am very concerned about you and the decision you made to attack the way that you did. This is a situation where you went places you don’t belong and did things that are illegal Brian Campbell.

For all who are reading this, about a year ago the idea of Manifest Mastermind began to gel. Brian was an important catalyst in my thinking and in the energy flow behind the creation of Manifest Mastermind.  But consider a football team like the Steelers. They don’t just go to summer camp do the prep work, perfect the game plans on paper and then say “oh the foundation is there now let’s wait for the Superbowl ring”  No they keep  playing the game and maybe win the Superbowl.

Is This Tit For Tat?

You know I have thought about that a lot.  Am I intending to get back at Brian Campbell?  Here are some things I can share with you about how I think and by your comments you can tell me how you feel. (Brian don’t bother commenting – they will not be published – write your own blog article.)

I am all about releasing the past and I in my view this is part of that. When someone asks “what happened” I can say read this article let’s move forward.

I am also about releasing in this context: at the  Unity Church I attend,  we have an annual burning bowl ceremony. We write down all the things we want to let go of and then we burn the list. This  is my on line burning bowl ceremony. I am writing and I am releasing.

As For Brian’s Side of The Story

As you might imagine I know a piece about what angered him. I ended all business arrangements with him a number of weeks ago as we were clearly no longer in harmony in business or otherwise.  With that said,  I have no idea what is inside a person who is capable of doing what he has done.


I have training in computer security, data center security and more. I have been paid to conduct security evaluations as part of business consulting engagements. Some  the security I had set up was inadequate.  Having said that, I will say I learned that no amount of security will block a person with criminal intent or one who views destruction as some sort of game.

In discussing this situation and filing my report with the FBI this week, I learned one of their major concerns is an increasing trend for young people to think it is cool to break into systems.  One person cracked the access code for certain Department of Defense systems. He was 15.  A major story in the past week in the Wall Street Journal was about who could crack the code of of the new iPhone 3Gs.  It has been cracked and a number of 14 and 15 year olds are claiming bragging rights.

I will prepare a detailed report on security once I have a little more information.  In the meantime, I recommend you evaluate all user names and passwords you use and have an paper record of these stored in several places outside of your computer.

Sending  energy of peace, calm, clarity and unconditional love to you and all.

Steve Pohlit, Founder

Manifest Mastermind

PS . Yes Brian I Am The Founder of Manifest Mastermind.   You are not and have never been the co-founder of Manifest Mastermind. I allowed that distinction in the spirit of moving forward in harmony. The facts are Manifest Mastermind was created long before you showed up.

PSS  The hardest situation for anyone to experience outside of personal catastrophe is the knowing you trusted someone and they violated that trust.

More About Ho’oponopono:  The Prayer At The Beginning of this Article

The Four Graces of ho’oponopono:  Ho’oponopono is one of the groups I started on Facebook and one I am not able to communicate with.  However there is a web site and I am able to communicate with all there. That site is http:/4graces.com

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