Expressions by Roni Lipstein

Going through the FABulous photos in the Manifest Mastermind Community, I noticed the different expressions of Serenity, Bliss and LOVE as expressed by our various members of LOVE’s Light.

Each member coming from their own perceptual reality, with their own attractions, ways of understanding, interacting and interpreting Serenity, Bliss and LOVE – Life.

We ALL CREATE the unique experience of this world for our SELF, based upon the CHOICEs we make in our lives.
From the time we are children, where our parent’s live, affect our perception, understanding and experience of this wonderFull place we ALL call ‘home’, our Earth School.

We go to a specific school, with specific standards of practice, we CHOOSE what we would like to study as we grow into greater understanding of our own attractions, we CHOOSE what employment to accept, how we shall spend our time, whom are our friends, how we are going to BE as ONE of the ALL of WE.

ALL these CHOICEs CREATE our own personal and unique experience and thus interpretation, understanding and definition of what it is to BE ONE amongst our Universal Family. My interpretation of our Earth School is far, far, far different then let’s say, an Oil Industry CEO, living in Texas or a Sherpa in Tibet. We ALL view this Earth School from our own eyes, our own perspective, based upon OUR CHOICEs.

Even within YOUr own community exist many, many, many ‘sub communities’, each with an additional, different, alternate means of interpreting, perceiving our world. For example, BEfore we were blessed our BEautiFull dog, Shaman Jhanu, we were not awares to the massive Dog Community that existed in our neighborhood. We had no idea of their perceptions, view points, perspectives in life regarding their membership to the Dog Community. The “best times” to meet up, the “best locations” for dogs, the “issues” concerning dog owners and dogs themselves. Then, we were blessed with Shaman and a “whole new world” opened up for us.

This “whole new world” is the very same on an individual level as it is a community. We each, even those of us, living within the same home, have our VERY OWN UNIQUE experience, interpretation, understanding and perceptions of our Earth School home.

How MAGNIFICENT is that???

There is sooooo very much for us to each teach, learn and grow from and with One another!
There are sooo many different expressions, reflections of LIFE as seen through the eyes of EACH of WE, from the Earth BEneath our feet, to the flowers, trees, birds, animals, and each of WE :O)

This is our GIFT to ONE another, to share in the infinite GIFTs of our BEingness. Simply in BEing we are a MIRACuLous Gift to ALL!

Blessedly BE

Sweet Earth Angels,

ONE Universal Family,
Earth Angels Divine,
within the Embracing Light of
PeaceFull LOVing Serenity &
One Fantabulous, Amazing, Adventurous, Party’n Journey :O)

Radiate Soul Light/roni

Roni is a new member of our community and already is stirring up the energy with her amazing presence and gifts of wisdom and light. I think your going to find a trip to both of Roni’s sites well worth your time.  Here are the links

Fulfilled Destiny S3
Soul’s Talking Brain

Thank you Roni!  I love this contribution and you.

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Sending you an “Unconditional Love Hug”

May God Bless All In Abundant Ways That You Never Could Even Imagine,

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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