You Are A Powerful Creator

Bear with me everyone! This is a copy of a long article I wrote almost 8 years ago but I wanted to share it with you as you are continuing this path of beautiful creation.


I will remember the moment the phone rang that night the rest of my days. I looked at the clock as I picked up the receiver. It was just after midnight and I knew in my heart it was not going to be good news. On the other end my Dad’s voice, tired and at times broken up with tears relayed that earlier that evening my Mom had gone into a seizure at home and was now in the I.C. unit in a coma. As he relayed all the information as to how bad her condition was, I stood there, holding the receiver, with tears running down my face. Then came those words I will never forget, “David, the doctors want to know if we are going to have Mom removed from life support.” His voice trailed off and I could only hear his sobs. At that moment I wanted to hold onto my Dad, give him some measure of comfort, but we were on separate coasts and the miles between us couldn’t have seemed wider. We were sharing one of the most difficult moments a family could possibly face, each feeling utterly alone, two short days before Thanksgiving.

Somehow, early on Thanksgiving day she did come out of the coma, but the few months she had left were very difficult and life never was the same again. On a cold day in early February, our family stood together again, only this time around her grave.

I stared outside the window during the long flight back to California remembering how my Mom had shared with me as I grew up her many regrets and fears in life. The full import of these conversations I wouldn’t realize until late my first night back as I sat on my bed. In my family Bible I keep all the Mass and prayer cards of the special people I’ve lost in my life. As I held my grandfathers’ I remembered how in the early 70’s my Mom, returning home after his death had so much fear that she would die the same way he did. It was an extremely painful death process and witnessing it she just couldn’t get it out of her mind. She became obsessed with it. She even had books about death and dying next to her bed. She kept right on smoking and reading. She even talked about how she wouldn’t live to see to see 2001. As I looked at the dates on the back of my Grandfather’s card showing his birth and death my jaw fell open. I looked at my Mom’s card. There it was in black and white.

Both had been too ill and underweight to receive any effective treatment.
Both had died of lung cancer, spreading to the same organs.
Both had died almost on the same date, only days separating them almost three decades apart.
At the same age of 65.

And she died in the year 2000.

She had created EXACTLY that which she feared most.


Another side of this same story.

Early in the morning of the day my Mom would die I received another call from my Dad. He mentioned how I needed to get home right away, she was slipping away.

I frantically called all the airlines and the prices for tickets were quite high. In fact more than I had. The previous year had been tough on my finances and I was barely scraping by. I kept praying that there had to be an answer. I finally found a ticket the price of which was going to clean out almost every cent I had. The really hard part was I had already written checks for all my bills that were due to hit the account at any day. I knew that if I bought this ticket, there was going to be some nasty repercussions. There wasn’t going to be any money in the account.

But I focused on two things.

First, that I believed in a Universe that would allow me a way to get to my Mother.

And second, that somehow the money would be there. It would all work out.

So I trusted, purchased the ticket and drove to the airport.

The miracles continued…

A drive to the airport that normally would’ve taken at least 45 minutes only took 15. In car crazy L.A., there was not only almost no traffic on my side of the highway in L.A., there were almost no cars.

The shuttle bus from the parking structure to the airport had just arrived back and was ready to drive me to the terminal without a wait.

As I arrived at the ticket counter, another plane, this one due to takeoff in a couple minutes going to the same destination but hours before mine was due to takeoff was still at the gate and they had ONE seat left. They offered it and I took it.

As I sat down on the plane I looked out the window and sighed at my good fortune and said a soft ‘thank you’. I still knew (I’m an intuitive) in my heart that I wouldn’t make it home in time but I also knew I had witnessed personally how much the Universe wants us to have what we desire.

It really got interesting one week later after I returned to my office after her funeral.

As I sat at my desk I was handed an envelope. Opening it I was told a bonus that had been held up for months had finally been released. Inside was a check.

Almost to the penny what I had paid for my airline ticket.


We live in a world that so very much wants you to have what you want. You don’t have to wait to die to experience Heaven or Hell. You create either right here by what you focus on. While I so desperately wanted something different for my mother, I could not live or control her experience. In the end she created just what she focused on. I too experienced the same capacity to create my experience by what I focused on. Both were very different results but both demonstrate the capacity to create by your focus.

What do you focus on?

So many of us focus on what we don’t want to have happen rather than what we do.

Imagine thinking of yourself going out on your own, having your own business doing what you love. What are the first thoughts you have? You won’t be able to financially make it, there’ll be no demand, you won’t really like it? Or in other matters, this relationship can’t possibly work out, this project won’t succeed, I just can’t win at this sport, I’ll never get ahead in my career, we can’t afford that house, I’m stuck driving this junk car.

You hate life.

Or will you focus on how great it is to be earning great wealth doing what you love, how much free time you’ll have with your family, how much more you’ll enjoy life? How you have a great home filled with love. How you have all the material possessions you desire. How easy it all comes to you all while standing on the gold medal platform.

You love life.

You can have either one.

Which will you choose…

Heaven or Hell?

David Di Francesco
The Living Warrior

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