The Purpose and Value of The Law of Attraction: Your Reward For Sharing The Value

“What you think about the words in this article will either empower them or disempower them. If you think this is nonsense then that will be your reality. ” I  have often said:if you believe it is true, or not, you are correct for you.

Using words as an example demonstrates the power of Personal Creation.  “The Energy of Attraction (The Law of Attraction) is part of the Process of Personal Creation,  a power that is waiting to be wielded, waiting to be used, consciously rather than unconsciously (which is how it is used by most of humanity). Like all tools, it is most effective when it is used for the purpose for which it is intended.

….attraction is a tool, created by God and this tool has been given to us to use with God. It is most effective when used for the purpose for which it is intended. …and that purpose is to create a happy, peaceful, joyous life for everyone whose life you touch, and for you, in that order.”

from the book Happier Than God by Neale Donald Walsch

Manifest Mastermind began out of my knowing that I have lived my life from a traditional human experience view. This means that I always thought other people. places and things were a major determinant of the outcome I experienced.  There was something troubling about that view and it became increasingly acute as I continued to experience reactions to situations I didn’t prefer. I particularly didn’t think those reactions were how I was intended to be.

There was not any one thing, person, book, recording, seminar that was a pivot point in my thinking.  Over time I will write more about the a series of events during my life that I now see led to the creation of Manifest Mastermind.  Manifest Mastermind was created with the specific purpose of offering guidance that has been known since the beginning of time on how to manifest or create all that we dream and desire as defined by us individually.

Each one of us has an individualized definition of what it means to live the life of our dreams. Yesterday in a powerful call with one of our featured professionals Kendra Thornbury, we were exploring what this means. We reminded ourselves it is about the feelings.

I used a personal example that I have realized from my own experience. Like many, I have my dreams and desires list.  Guidance Process l in the Manifest Mastermind program is 15 pages and offers our members guidance on how to define what it is that you want.  So most items on my list are physical plane experiences.  However, I know for me that to enjoy any and all of them, I need to be in a positive energetic state. If I am tired, not feeling well, irritated, agitated, distracted, angered, frustrated or in some other less than harmonious state, I am not going to appreciate and enjoy much of anything.

That brings me to the an often misunderstood point of guidance which is the key to being on purpose and creating happiness, joy and peace for everyone you touch. This is the spiritual idea of  selfishness.  I believe that when you are totally focused on being in your “zone” so to speak, there is a natural and very powerful outflow of that energy to all you touch and even those you are not aware of touching. Our vibrational energy extends out to the Universe and the Universe responds to what we send out. When we are in the ‘zone” that means at the individual cellular level we are in alignment with our intended purpose and we are in alignment with that which we intend to manifest on the physical plane.

This is what else I know: Repetition and reinforcement by connecting with like minded people keep me on track to a greater awareness and being that which is my view of Personal Creation.  I know there are different ways of presenting this information. I know that each of us align with certain people more so than others. I know that certain authors are more effective in having an impact on our lives and so on.  Manifest Mastermind brings together a growing group of like minded people with the single goal of intending to manifest their dreams and desires.  While like minded, each is an individual manifestation of Source and each is in a different place of awareness and enlightenment.  That diversity results in self development at the perfect pace.

Yes there is a subscription fee to this program that recognizes the principle of value exchange.  I make this as easy as possible with a 30 day trial for $1.00. I encourage all to share their experiences, become an affiliate and with three friends, your subscription is free. When more join you, you will receive a check and it can be a nice one but that is up to you.  You are welcome to use any and all the material on this blog in communicating with others as well as your experiences in our Private Community. If you follow Manifest Mastermind on Twitter and are part of the Manifest Mastermind groups on Facebook you will have additional content to help you share with others the value of Manifest Mastermind.

“The Greatest Good for The Greatest Number of People”  is the mantra of Manifest Mastermind.  Again the  purpose of Manifest Mastermind is an expansion of powerful collective consciousness through the individual  journey of manifesting your dreams and desires.

I will close with how I opened: if you believe this is true or not, you are correct.

Sending you an “Unconditional Love Hug”

May God Bless All In Abundant Ways That You Never Could Even Imagine,

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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One More Thing

When we write about being on pupose, we often receive questions similar to “how do I find my purpose?” That is covered in detail in the first Manifest Mastermind Guidance Process delivered to our members and now available to you for a 30 Day Trial and all this for $1.00.  It is also addressed in our Free Course 7 Steps To Manifest Your Dreams.

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