Stop Look Listen

I was taught these three words at an early age when understanding what to do before crossing a street. Makes sense right?   Stop   Look  Listen

I asked my daughter about this and she remembers leaning  Stop Drop Roll…well that is another great article coming soon.

Stop Look and Listen

In the book Ask and It Is Given, one of the tools is Segment Intending. In Everything Changes, regulary we are asked to pause, breathe and reflect on what we just learned.  Then we are  asked if we are ready to go forward. If not, we can come back to the guidance later.

In both books there is the same guidance Stop Look Listen

Stop frequently and ask where am I going?

Look around yourself and observe exactly where you are in  the moment.  Think aboout where you are headed.

Listen to your internal guidance system.  What is it telling you regarding what you are seeing and intending.

If it feels good, do it!   If  it doesn’t feel good  don’t

Stop Look  Listen

Deliberate Creation: I encourage you to watch as many times as you can until you get it. How many times have I listened to this? I don’t know as there is hardly a week goes by without me paying attention to this many times. Welcome the repeat messages.

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May God Bless All In Abundant Ways That You Never Could Even Imagine,

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