Personal Financial Crisis Part 2

This is a follow up question to the article I recently published titled Financial Crisis, Turnaround Consulting where I described some of what a person can expect and steps that can be taken.  Now we go deeper:

“Steve; I had to do this recently; those rainy day funds or end of roll toilet papers that you store away. But what if this lasts too long? Then what?”

When I first read this question, I started thinking about what would be appropriate guidance. I reflected on my own experiences and the resources I have used and continue to count on to remind me of Universal Laws like Oneness, Cause and Effect, Giving and Receiving and possibly the Law of Laws “The Law of Attraction”  While running and walking today I was reminded that all of us have the answers within. We have an internal guidance system that leads us if we listen to it.

So my first response is that what I might do is likely to be different from what you are intended to do. There is no silver bullet here but there is a golden nugget and that golden nugget is to be grateful for all experience and follow your heart as to the next steps.

The second part of my repsonse is that one of the key points in the first article was developing a going forward plan. There are two types of plans with one being earning from what you would really like to be doing and two earning any way you can while you more toward what you really want to be doing.

Wayne Dyer in Excuses Begone! talks about selling soda pop bottles and mowing lawns to make money. He says that is what he still does but on a larger stage.  I think what he means is the work that he does fits into a bigger picture of how he sees himself serving. How best may I serve is a question you will hear him often reference. Neale Donald Walsch writes “the purpose of life is to bring peace, happiness and joy to everyone you touch and to yourself in that order”  I love both of those and for myself I know the more I am in a place of peace, happiness and joy myself the more I am able to achieve my purpose.

Some of this answer may seem “out there”. I say to you that unless you are connected with Source you are disconnected and I am not aware of any solution that brings lasting peace and joy that is arrived at from a state of separateness.

In summary, the way to move forward is to accept responsibility for everything in your life and create a new reality if the one you are in is not where you prefer. “Excuses Begone!”

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May God Bless All In Abundant Ways That You Never Could Even Imagine,

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