How Amazing We Are!!

What would you wish for yourself if you could have it right now? The job you have been wanting for so long? Your soul mate at last? Comfort at the passing of your mom? Support in a time of darkness and despair? Someone to dance with in your brightest time? Just to know that you are heard and understood? Someone who would be frank and open with you, telling it like it is?

Would you believe it if I told you that you have provided yourself with a thousand voices, countless messengers if you would but listen? That every single person in your universe, from the stranger passing you in the street to your partner coming home tonight, is you living yourself in countless varied ways? That their words hold truths for yourself as they mirror you back to yourself… that their words may sometimes not be what you want to hear but they are always who YOU are.

If you could suspend disbelief and for a day or so only, take note of your surroundings, of the words of the song playing, the words of a stranger to you, their attitude to you, the love given to you by your mate, by your pets, your children… listen to them, look at them knowing that they are YOU, living through them, beaming back at you different aspects of yourself, talking to you in words of comfort, support, love – and yes, sometimes anger, fear and pain – but always holding a mirror up to yourself so that you can see yourself clearly.

You are not alone – ever – you have provided yourself with the most amazing, most loving support structure – YOU, as part of Source, as part of this totally unbelievably numinous Energy that is Us at our best, our most creative, our most loving, our most eternal… and our most human. We have a chance to live both as exalted and expanded Humans and Our Higher Selves at the same time, the ability to live on several dimensions at once – how amazing we are!

How amazing we are.

Nina Ferrell
Law of Attraction Expert, Intuitive Guide

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